While “When Calls the Heart” is set in the rugged Northwest Territory of the 1910s, the Hallmark Channel drama doesn't portend to be worthy of the historical scrutiny of the Smithsonian institution. Recently, some faithful fans found it utterly scandalous that Elizabeth, captured luminously by Erin Krakow, would travel unchaperoned on an overnight trip with Lucas Bouchard, portrayed by Chris McNally.

The “When Calls the Heart” showrunner wasn't shy about sorting out the stance of the beloved drama, even with the sticklers for accuracy. A new preview of the April 19 episode, “New Possibilities,” as reported by International Business Times on April 17 and Entertainment Tonight, puts some concerns of “Hearties” to rest, while raising other questions for Elizabeth and her future.

Lucas is smitten by love and enthusiasm on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Chris McNally perfectly captures Lucas, who declared that he was “fascinated by your goodness” to Elizabeth Thornton as he justified his reason for donating the building to become Hope Valley’s library. As much as he loves the grand gesture in delighting her, he loves showing the community some of his gratitude by giving back in ways it could never imagine. His Chinese lanterns floating to the sky in “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas” gave every citizen and helper involved a forever memory of launching light through the skies. He also hosted the first-ever motion picture in Hope Valley to begin Season 7.

Elizabeth herself narrates that Lucas was “a perfect gentleman,” and one who “thinks of everything” as she and her handsome, attentive, but friendly escort stopped for their roadside brunch of macaroons.

Elizabeth Thornton is not the same young woman who arrived to teach in Hope Valley years ago. She has experienced love’s greatest joys and sorrows and remains dedicated not only to teaching but to raising her son, surrounded by love and learning, along with the legacy of his father. She can and does make her own decisions, and likely would have declined an escort aside from Lucas.

As for Brian Bird, executive producer of “When Calls the Heart,” a social media message makes it clear that while the drama embraces its particular time period, it is not bound by every detail of social mores of the era.

Bird noted that storytelling and entertainment are the aims of “When Calls the Heart,” and “jotting historical ‘I’s’ and crossing t’s are not necessary.” Many responding fans agreed.

Lucas has always invested himself, not only his funds, in what matters to Elizabeth. It's no wonder that her heart is warming to the man committed to as much patience as necessary to win her love. There is no rush since he's not going anywhere.

In the preview “When Calls the Heart” snippet from ET, Lucas confesses that he sent some chapters from Elizabeth’s work to his mother, a publisher, who wrote glowing praise of the author.

Elizabeth is offended by the unauthorized overture since she was never asked. Lucas’ enthusiasm may cause a tiny detour in his romantic path but hopefully, no lasting harm. Erin Krakow explained in a February cast interview that Elizabeth’s decisions regarding romance would take a while, and would leave “Hearties” wondering.

Lee must be on the mend on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Last week’s April 12 “When Calls the Heart” episode, “Into the Woods,” held tension at every turn, which is uncharacteristic for the most beloved of all Hallmark broadcasts. Elizabeth was consumed with the safety of her students on her nature hike in the lower reaches of the mountains when a sudden windstorm struck.

She led the children to shelter in a cabin, but Emily went back, looking for her prized arrowhead.

When a tree blocked the road, Nathan (Kevin McGarry) led Elizabeth and the children to the cabin. When Elizabeth heard Emily calling, she moved to the sound of her voice to locate her. Once Nathan returned, he was furious with Elizabeth for putting his life, his future, and Allie’s future in danger, as well as Hope Valley. Elizabeth staunchly defended her actions and realized that the constable’s anger was rooted in something him far away from the mountain.

When Calls the Heart” fans could only wonder about Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) through this week. He was left in shaky physical condition and unconscious after being hit in the head by a falling tree. Rosemary was in constant watch over his bedside, sending even sending Elizabeth away to console Jesse (Aren Buchholz), who was the object of Lee’s search.

In one glimpse of the upcoming episode, everyone is assembled at Abigail's Café, refusing to leave without some word on Lee’s condition. By the time Elizabeth and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) are talking about Lucas, however, Rosemary is back to her bubbly, ever-inquisitive self. Everything must be looking brighter for her husband.

The ‘When Calls the Heart’ leading lady is just like the rest of us sheltering in place

Only hints and a few glimpses are given in the clips, but Elizabeth gives Nathan the answers he needs. Whether he is satisfied remains to be seen. She also helps Lucas to see the business ledgers that Henry (Martin Cummins) is concealing.

Elizabeth has been an ally of Henry, and persuaded Nathan, Bill (Jack Wagner) and other members of the community that he is a changed man from the one who cut corners and committed deadly mine infractions.

She is also a crusader for the truth, however, and won't stand for concealment or anyone's denial of rights. Whatever worry is slowly eating at Henry will be found out on “When Calls the Heart.”

Erin Krakow is doing her best to keep healthy, safe, and busy while she shelters in place like millions of others coping with the coronavirus crisis. In a nostalgic post on social media, the “When Calls the Heart” star shared a GIF from the days when expectant Elizabeth was daunted by the task of putting together baby Jack's nursery. It took the love and support of her friends to meet her hour of need.

Maybe just knowing that all of us are in this together, now and for the future on “When Calls the Heart,” will inspire her to tackle that closet. In the land of TV Shows, tasks like that get done like magic.