When Calls the Heart” is no different than other full-fledged, highly successful TV Shows when it comes to the necessary shutdown provoked by the coronavirus pandemic. The cast and crew are following doctors’ orders and public guidelines by keeping self-quarantined, like most of the global community, in an effort to flatten the rising curve of COVID-19. Fortunately, for the millions of faithful “Hearties,” the much-anticipated “When Calls the Heart” wedding of this season will go on this coming Sunday, March 29, on the Hallmark Channel’s most beloved series.

Jesse (Aren Buchholz) and his bride, Clara (Eva Bourne) have been dreaming of their wedding and their life together for ages on “When Calls the Heart.” Viewers have joined in with all of Hope Valley to see the love story of the bereaved but resilient young widow and the young man with a good soul but no parents to guide him. Jesse was originally part of a thieving band of criminals, but never had the heart for criminal intent. The intervention of Pastor Frank (Mark Humphrey) and Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith), along with the love of his life, fostered the innate decency of this groom, who has stayed on the straight and narrow ever since.

The “When Calls the Heart” stars aren’t consumed with wedding plans in real life, but several of them are sending love to fans and sharing their perspectives and some fun pastimes during this time of self-isolation.

Entertainment Tonight gave a peek to fans in a March 26 feature, along with a glimpse of Clara’s nerves over passing on her wedding vows to the pastor.

‘When Calls the Heart’ creates TV Wedding memories to treasure

Clara finds herself in a dither over dozens of last-minute duties, even drafting her wedding vows. Fortunately, she has the two best matrons of honor that “When Calls the Heart” could ever offer in Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton).

Rosemary takes preparedness and selflessness very seriously. Her Season 3 wedding to Lee in “Prayers from the Heart,” came after a failed film production in which Rosemary played the bride, and just before the wedding, a landslide struck near Hope Valley, with Mountie Jack surviving a concussion from a rescue. Rosemary gave up her fabrics for bridesmaids’ dresses to be used as bandages for the victims.

She also sacrificed her wedding menu. Hope Valley always knows that true meaning of unity, and Rosemary and Lee are examples in every sense.

Rosemary and the community stepped up and did the impossible for Elizabeth and Jack in just “a day and a night” before their wedding. When Elizabeth’s students accidentally set fire to the schoolhouse/church while practicing their parts, the entire community, including Elizabeth’s well-to-do father, worked to refurbish the building. Rosemary, Dottie, Clara, Abigail, and more gifted ladies recreated Elizabeth’s dress, using the lace from Rosemary’s wedding dress.

Beyond the beauty of the ceremony in the Season 5 wedding of Elizabeth and Jack (Daniel Lissing) were the personally-written vows by the stars for their characters in “My Heart Is Yours.” The “When Calls the Heart” production staff were already informed of Lissing’s decision to leave the drama after five seasons, and he, Krakow, and everyone involved in the series wanted to leave fans with the exquisite memory of the very genuine words and images.

Elizabeth declared that Jack's love was “the greatest surprise of my life,” and the same could be said of “When Calls the Heart” itself and the fervor of its devoted following.

A few surprises are sure to await this couple on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Clara is consumed with completing all her wedding details in a preview clip from March 29’s “In Perfect Unity.” Every bride can relate to some degree of pre-wedding stress, and Jesse does his best to remind his bride that the day is all about “you and me,” not food, flowers, or even the words spoken, so long as the promises are felt.

Clara already surprised Bill Avery, portrayed by Jack Wagner, by asking him to walk her down the aisle as “the closest thing to a father” since her father was lost, along with her husband.

Jack Wagner is a veteran star of the small screen, and he gave some sage advice for getting through this time of self quarantined survival.

Kids, cooking, cleaning, calm and a nice cocktail keep ‘When Calls the Heart’ favorites going

Jack Wagner checked in with “When Calls the Heart” fans after a workout and a dip in the pool. He stressed that he tries to think of this unthinkable time of battling a novel illness “from a perspective of calm and love, and peace” rather than fear. He also realizes that he is blessed to have the home that he has after decades of television.

Speaking of blessings, Pascale Hutton was snuggled up with her two precious sons for storytime in her sweet snippet of sharing.

The talented mom and “mama bear” poured her whole heart into her storytelling, with voices, characters, and props. She even donned a stormtrooper helmet-- no wonder those boys are never bored.

Baking and cooking keep Andrea Brooks, and Kayla Wallace busy during this unanticipated downtime. Brooks plays nurse Faith Carter on “When Calls the Heart,” and Wallace is the telephone company wonder woman, Fiona Miller, on the drama-- just don't ask her to fix a car. Miller mentioned that she is often at her piano writing music before she tries out new recipes. Brooks loves making a super simple peanut butter cookie batch in between joyful moments with her baby daughter, Viola, about three months old now.

Eva Bourne isn’t suffering from any wedding stress in real life, but she does get busy cleaning “just about every surface” every day. She also spends her share of time making yummy messes in her kitchen. Bourne’s TV groom, Aren Buchholz is busy with reading, catching up on TV and movies, and growing a beard. For now, the only has a mustache, but more scruff will surely appear.

Kavan Smith is known for his cooking on the set of “When Calls the Heart,” so it's not surprising that the actor is cooking at home with his wife to pass the time. He also is handy with tools, since he talked about building shelves. It's hard to refuse a man as good with carrying a scene as he is at using a nail gun.

Paul Greene is an accomplished Americana musician, and he had his guitar in hand as he sent love to “When Calls the Heart” fans looking in from cyberspace.

The actor who portrays Dr. Carson Shepherd seemed content in his setting “in the mountains” with a fire and some songs to keep him warm.

Last but certainly never least, Chris McNally shook up a tasty margarita from his kitchen, substituting mescal for tequila. His role as the saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, more than suits the star. Chris showed off his skills with a shaker and with squeezing limes, before tossing them to and fro. After the perfect cocktail was completed, the mixologist sent hopes that everyone was “staying safe” and sipped to the sounds of Pink Floyd.

The “When Calls the Heart” crew knows how to make fans feel welcome, warm, and comfy at a Hope Valley wedding or their own abodes. “Hearties” feel the love down to the soul.