When Calls the Heart” speaks to millions of hearts in every Sunday evening broadcast of the Hallmark Channel’s centerpiece drama. Season 7 is serving up a heartfelt buffet of everything Hearties love best. There was love in bloom, a new future in medicine, and family healing for Faith (Andrea Brooks) and Carson (Paul Greene), a tender and a lovely wedding that brought the outdoors to life indoors for Jesse and Clara (Aren Buchholz and Eva Bourne), thanks to Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) marshaling some rainy day support.

The “When Calls the Heart” saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) is known to hold personal matters close to the vest, but the dashing suitor did more than offer another grand gesture to Elizabeth during their elegant dinner in Union City.

Lucas laid out his feelings like never before, letting Elizabeth know that Hope Valley was the place he chose to settle down and raise a family. He, like his father, is quite prepared to be as “patient” as he needs to be to win the heart of his perfect woman. He looked right into her eyes throughout his unforgettable “When Calls the Heart” declaration, so there's no doubt about Elizabeth being the object of his intentions, and she knows they are true.

Any “When Calls the Heart” fan craving a cliffhanger certainly got a big mouth full in last week's “Into the Woods” episode. Nathan (Kevin McGarry) saw to it that Elizabeth and the children on her field trip to the mountains were safe, but his angry accusations toward the teacher were a surprise.

Rosemary, vibrantly captured by Pascale Hutton, dutifully assisted Clara in searching for Jesse before learning that her beloved Lee was unconscious and clinging to life. In the final moments, she lovingly demands a pledge from Carson that he will use all his medical skills to save her husband.

As reported, by ShowbizCheatSheet on April 13, many “When Calls the Heart” fans are deeply concerned that the beloved role of Hope Valley’s most devoted husband, businessman, and community mentor may have met its demise.

A reassuring ray of hope comes from Pascale Hutton herself, in an April 13 interview with My Devotional Thoughts, as the actress looks to a bright and loving future for her and her favorite screen partner, along with a deeper resolution with a big subject.

‘When Calls the Heart’ has seen Rosemary nurture Lee through injury before

Devoted viewers are piling onto social media, pleading with “When Calls the Heart” writers to not allow Lee (Kavan Smith) to be on his last breath. Those same devotees will recall that Rosemary has nursed Lee through many ordeals on the drama. When a sawmill belt sliced into Lee’s foot, Rosemary was determined to nurse him to full recovery, so much so that nurse Faith had to shoo her out of his hotel room and lock the door just to treat him.

Rosemary even professed her love while her overworked beloved was trying to rest. She didn't realize that he heard every word, and his heart was sealed as forever hers leading up to their Season 3 wedding.

Rosemary loves to talk, and she even tried to talk for Lee during a bout with laryngitis, with laughs and business deals gone wrong to boot.

Earlier this season, the tables were turned when Lee gave all his TLC to Rosemary during her chickenpox outbreak. The fever brought her to the brink but the quick action of Faith, Dr. Carson, Elizabeth, broke the tense night. Lee was delighted to make her breakfast in the morning.

Pascale Hutton talked about how Rosemary goes to a quiet and “small” when life gets serious for the man she proclaims as “my life” in a Bubbly Sesh podcast. Her character becomes still and somber, directing Elizabeth to go to guilt-ridden Jesse, who Lee was trying to locate. Hutton's last words of “He is my life.” are etched into “When Calls the Heart” history and in the memory of every loyal viewer.

The moment carries a “severity” as Hutton notes, unlike any other crisis for the couple. Rosemary has supplied astounding sacrifice and unselfishness again and again on “When Calls the Heart,” and she will be Lee’s beacon toward healing.

Lee’s recovery and questions of love will linger to the end for 'When Calls the Heart' Season 7

A preview of the April 19 “When Calls the Heart” episode, “New Possibilities,” has virtually all of Hope Valley gathered at Abigail's Café, reverberating concern and sending prayers for Lee's recovery.

Judge Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) advises everyone to go home and get “some shut-eye” but neither Lee's employees or anyone else heeds the advice.

Elizabeth comes in inquiring if any new word has come. The single mother and teacher took quite a verbal lashing from Nathan, who accused her of jeopardizing his ability to raise Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) and do his job of keeping the community safe. She felt that she only responded to a child and did all she could, for learning and for safety. The constable tends to revert to anger as a first response. Elizabeth cautioned once that his job only made him see the worst in people, and that meant even his own father, who was trying to make a major life change earlier this season on “When Calls the Heart.”

When Calls the Heart” executive producer, Brian Bird, reminded Hearties on his social media recently that “twists and turns” are a common thing for his drama.

Fans waited all summer to figure out Elizabeth’s penetrating gaze toward Nathan while dancing with Lucas last season. It looks like she gives more of those gazes in coming episodes, trying to answer the Mountie’s mounting questions

It would be a beautiful reassurance to see Lee awake and looking into Rosemary's eyes in the last Season 7 episode. Since only two episodes remain, it seems a very good possibility. The texture and richness in marital devotion that Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton bring to “When Calls the Heart” are irreplaceable.

Pascale Hutton keeps high hopes for the future on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Like her “When Calls the Heart” co-stars, Pascale Hutton can only wait out this unprecedented hiatus provoked through the COVID-19 crisis.

She, like Erin Krakow, has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the multitude of fans for being buoys of encouragement in “uncertain times,” as Krakow described.

There is already a movie project with Pascale and Kevan that remains on hold for now. The star also wants “more resolution” for the stalwart “When Calls the Heart” couple regarding the possibility of children in their future.

Viewers lap up every minute of seeing Rosemary and Lee as little Jack's guardians but yearn for their personal dreams of parenthood to be fulfilled. The actress doesn't care whether children come through adoption or through natural conception. Either path would be a joyous pleasure for the “When Calls the Heart” faithful to finally celebrate.

The real-life mom shared precious storytime with her sons during self-quarantining a few weeks back.

With so much in the way of new life and new love to experience, this is no time for any goodbyes to anyone on “When Calls the Heart.” This true hallmark of family-friendly TV Shows has many more stories to tell.