When Calls the Heart” exemplifies the strength in faith, hope, and unity through times of trial and struggle. The ever-faithful “Hearties” not only feel the lives of the Hallmark Channel drama’s characters with every heartbeat, but they also keep the show ruling the ratings among other cable TV Shows.

Call it fate or simply scheduling fortune but, “When Calls the Heart” was blessed to have its Season 7 episodes mostly completed by the time the “sheltering in place” orders, mandated by the coronavirus crisis, shut down production for most shows, and sent everyone inside with loved ones for safety.

The talented and quite intrepid cast members were kind enough to share their homes, hearts, and favorite isolation pastimes in video snippets.

Speaking of sheltering in, Elizabeth Thornton has a desperate need for safety and shelter, for her as well as her students, in the upcoming April 12 episode of “When Calls the Heart,” titled: “Into the Woods.” Erin Krakow exquisitely brings the resilient Hope Valley teacher, single mother, and civic leader to life and to bring her Juilliard-trained sensibilities to bear in every scene. This “Into the Woods,” however, is very different than the 1987 Broadway gem based on the stories by the Brothers Grimm. This saga finds Elizabeth in true danger, very different than in last week's sweep of romance with Lucas in “Heart of a Writer.”

The International Business Times and other outlets featured a peek into the stormy adventure on April 10, and Elizabeth isn’t alone in having her life at risk while waiting for rescue.

‘When Calls the Heart’ revolves around an open heart and seeking safe cover

Lucas Bouchard, portrayed by Chris McNally, opened his heart purely, to Elizabeth during their dinner, after a formal reception and lecture with Virginia Woolf. It was his love and altruistic feelings for Elizabeth, not literature, that motivated him to go to great lengths in arranging the lovely “When Calls the Heart” experience.

He made it clear that he had come to Hope Valley to “start a family” and, like his father, he will wait as long as he has to "to win her heart,” regarding his “perfect woman” and “soulmate,” as he looked straight at Elizabeth. She doesn't have to wonder-- he's not going anywhere and his patience is not running out.

Constable Nathan Grant, in contrast, is quite challenged by expressing his feelings.

Kevin McGarry, who portrays the character, spoke in February about the fact that this would be a “difficult season” for Nathan. Judge Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) steps up to help the Mountie vent his frustration by some vengeful chops with an ax and baseball conversation. Elizabeth seems to sense the emotion locked in Nathan’s heart. Last week’s episode closed with another of Elizabeth’s poignant gazes as Nathan said: “Welcome back,” as walked away with Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller). Those looks are becoming a “When Calls the Heart” fixture between the characters.

Elizabeth is excited to take her students on a true nature exploration on a field trip on a high mountain outside of Hope Valley. The episode is very reminiscent of a past episode when Elizabeth’s late husband, Jack, took the boys camping while she took the girls in Season 3.

From her arrival in the mining town of Coal Valley, as it was then named, Elizabeth’s plucky spirit has been a “When Calls the Heart” pleasure. This time, however, the elements have the mind of their own, and the teacher and her students face a fast-coming storm.

Now is the time for a Mountie on ‘When Calls the Heart’

“I won't let anything happen to you,” Elizabeth promises Opal (Ava Grace Cooper), in the preview snippet. Elizabeth sees the swirling clouds from the distance, and opts to be “better safe than sorry” with her students, as they prepare to pack up and cut the day short.

Actions speak louder than words, and Constable Grant knows that Elizabeth and the children are near the highest point on the peak.

Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) cautions about the strong winds, and Bill organizes a search party. He may not be eloquent with language, but Nathan Grant certainly leaps into action to protect Hope Valley from any danger on “When Calls the Heart,” as he proved to Robert (Jaiven Natt) when the future Mountie was looking into the profession.

Nathan could have his moment to prove his heart to Elizabeth, and moments of crisis can draw people together. A time of crisis is not perfect for articulating passion, though, and in this situation, Elizabeth’s first priorities will be her students and her young son. Fans will have to wait and see if words come between her and the Constable.

The wives ride on ‘When Calls the Heart’

The surging storm doesn’t merely endanger Elizabeth and her students on their field trip. Newly wedded husband, Jesse (Aren Buchholz) misses a check-in call to assure others of his safety. Lee Coulter takes his car up the heights to search for his cherished employee, and more, as he mentioned in his wedding toast to the couple on “When Calls the Heart”

Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) set a new tone for women's achievement and freedom when she became Hope Valley’s first female driver. Now, the telephone company’s wonder woman, Fiona Miller (Kayla Wallace) is taking the wheel, too. Fans get to see a glimpse of Rosemary doing something she hasn't been seen doing before-- riding on horseback.

A dire situation demands newfound courage, and Rosemary and the new bride, Clara (Eva Bourne) are riding side-by-side in search of their husbands. Fans couldn't bear anything befalling either the newlyweds or the most steadfast, devoted couple on “When Calls the Heart.” Countless fans are hoping beyond hope that Lee and Rosemary are destined for their own children soon.

From a night of high society romance to high adventure and heroism from the whole community, “When Calls the Heart” brings loyal viewers a much-needed mental vacation every Sunday night. In these times of necessary isolation, the escape of hope is a lavish blessing.