In the usual “When Calls the Heart” season, the cast of the Hallmark Channel’s premier series would be gearing up to begin more work on the next season, which in this case would be the eighth year for the beloved, family-friendly treasure set in Hope Valley. Series creator Brian Bird has put out a rallying cry to fans to ensure that the network renews “When Calls the Heart” for another season.

Fans do more than make “When Calls the Heart” appointment TV, “Hearties” wait all week long for their Sunday night mental vacations to the Northwest Territory community where love, caring, and loyalty are ways of life and not mere words.

Struggles come, but they are met with faith, unity, and reaching out to help-- the kind of values that the current coronavirus crisis has brought to the forefront, and brought to more focused need than ever before.

Since no one in the entertainment industry is out and about or on shooting sets or doing promotional outings, three “When Calls the Heart” stars—Erin Krakow, Chris McNally, and Kevin McGarry were gracious enough to talk with Entertainment Tonight’s Diedre Behar on April 23 about daily life, pleasures, and struggles in quarantine, and they each have their heart set on the show’s future.

‘When Calls the Heart’ cast is digging the soil, searching for songs

Erin Krakow was cozy and grateful from her LA home and reflected how fortunate she is in light of so many who are facing dire situations.

Chris McNally spoke from his Vancouver place, where his precious “pitsky” dogs occasionally strolled behind him. Kevin McGarry joined the conversation from a place he is renting in Toronto. All three leading stars are learning many new pursuits to pass this unprecedented solitary time.

Chris McNally dove in first and the dashing actor is finding great joy in digging in the dirt of his vegetable garden.

The man who plays the sophisticated, world-traveled Lucas Bouchard on “When Calls the Heart” is getting deep satisfaction from growing kale, onions, radishes, beets, sweet peas, and nearly any other thing that sprouts from the ground. He declares that his radishes “will be ready in about two weeks,” and he promises to share.

He gestured just how big the veggies were becoming, saying that he and his girlfriend check them “about every hour and a half” these days.

Erin Krakow and Kevin McGarry are both enhancing their musical repertoire in different ways. Erin is looking for the “perfect karaoke song.” The actress pledges that she is looking to go “in a very unexpected direction,” which piqued the interest of both her on-screen partners. She's not giving away any clues.

Kevin McGarry spends time learning piano, and his enthusiasm translates vibrantly from the videos he shared. The audio was available, but spirit certainly counts for more than a mere vocal tone. This TV Mountie can treat “When Calls the Heart” fans or the spirited Elizabeth Thornton to a song anytime.

Behar tried to get the trio to break out into a virtual sing-along, but Chris McNally said: “I can't sing.” Just seeing everyone having fun was a pure treat in itself.

Self-isolation has its sadness for ‘When Calls the Heart’ family

Erin Krakow is completely sensitive to the growing reports every day of suffering and loss, and also applauds the selflessness of the frontline heroes, like her castmates. She misses her parents and grandparents in Florida and is constantly concerned with their well being, seeing that they are in a vulnerable population.

“I talk with these guys,” she smiles, and the star also spends face time with Pascale Hutton, “when she picks up.” Hutton has her hands full with her two young sons at home, so delays are unavoidable.

Each of the stars had checked in with other co-stars in the last few days.

Besides reading and binge-watching shows like “Love Is Blind,” Erin admits to missing the outdoors. Her incredible eye for nature's beauty in photographs is also missed by her “When Calls the Heart” following. She is famous for capturing breathtaking vistas. Kevin McGarry takes an occasional social-distance sanctioned motorcycle ride. Chris is glad for his garden and being able to breathe in the air around his abode.

“One of the hardest things is not being able to do anything,” McGarry spoke of the current situation. It's hard to realize that simply staying in is a life-saving measure for millions under the COVID-19 siege.

The actor also misses family and friends. Being part of “When Calls the Heart,” a series that conveys such connectedness and caring through every episode, only amplifies the difference in days spent apart.

Chris McNally loves the outdoors but also delights in culinary pleasures as a “foodie” and mixologist. He misses going to a restaurant for a quiet dinner with friends and family.

The three actors still have their hearts set on the “When Calls the Heart” return, and the leading men are doing something to show it.

Getting ready and growing beards for the next ‘When Calls the Heart’ run

Deidre Behar brought up the idea of doing a “When Calls the Heart” virtual table-read to raise money for a coronavirus-related cause.

“Hearties” will certainly support that idea, so let's hope it's in the works.

In addition to that giving effort, Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry are getting ready for the next “When Calls the Heart” season in another way. Both handsome fellas are growing out their facial hair to full effect. Kevin and Chris lovingly poked fun at the “feather duster” of a mustache grown by castmate, Aren Buchholz, as McGarry teased. Chris is aiming to have a full turned up handlebar mustache by the time “When Calls the Heart” and other TV Shows resume production.

Erin Krakow assured fans that even though the April 26 “When Calls the Heart” season finale is suspenseful, it's safe for everyone to “watch the show with their kids.” That probably means no fatal losses, thank goodness.

She also promised Behar that she would “circle back to baking” but that it was “going to take a minute” after her gooey brownies.

No matter the condition of anyone's hair, it’s the heart that matters, and fans will be delighted to welcome every member of “When Calls the Heart” back into their hearts for Season 8 and many, many more.