At this point, it is common for "90 Day Fiance" personalities to have controversies on social media. But it is rare for multiple cast members to criticize a fellow co-star at the same time. This is exactly what happened to Ed Brown after Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Tim Malcolm, and Lisa Hamme called him out, reports In Touch Weekly.

The controversy started when Big Ed claimed that he is the biggest star to have emerged from the franchise. Naturally, his co-stars felt the need to chime in. Lisa Hamme corrected Ed Brown, saying that the “real MVPs” are the fans and the production crew.

He also urged Big Ed to be “grounded” and acknowledge that everything takes a team effort.

Tim Malcolm agreed with her, calling Ed Brown “delusional.” He counted off several other "90 Day Fiance" stars who have more followers than him. This included Larissa Dos Santos Lima (397k followers) and Paola Mayfield (859k). For her part, Larissa Dos Santos Lima also expressed her opinion about the whole controversy. She said that Big Ed should be more humble as popularity from reality shows easily fades.

Larissa, the '90 Day Fiance' star gets work permit

Meanwhile, Larissa Dos Santos recently celebrated a major milestone in her life in America. The "90 Day Fiance" starlet confirmed that she just obtained her work permit, which means she can finally work legally in the United States.

She felt genuinely happy about the news as she was scared that her application would not be approved. According to her, some people wrote the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to make the process more tedious for her. She also said that a few haters reported her to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

Lisa Hamme goes to Nigeria

In other "90 Day Fiance" news, Lisa Hamme was shown going to Nigeria on "Before the 90 Days." It was her first time to meet up with Usman Umar, after a few years of being in an online relationship with him. She also recently visited the home of the mother of Usman Umar to ask for her blessing for their relationship.

Despite bringing a goat as a gift and wearing traditional clothes, Umar’s mother still walked out. Now, Lisa Hamme is left wondering how to best approach Umar’s mother. It is important for her to get the approval as Usman Umar is planning to move to her Pennsylvania home soon.

Tim Malcolm considers '90 Day Fiance' perfect opportunity to be on TV

Meanwhile, Tim Malcolm admitted that he always wanted to be on reality TV Shows. He said that the show gave him the “perfect opportunity” to fulfill that dream. According to him, he had been told for years that he would be a great personality on reality TV. However, some members of his family did not like it when he got picked to be on the show.

So far, Tim Malcolm has been maximizing his time in the spotlight. Despite a rumored breakup between him and co-star Jeniffer Tarazona, he is still active online. He regularly interacts with his fans on Instagram, where he has 168,000 followers.