Lisa Hamme and Ed Brown are among the most polarizing members of the current "90 Day Fiance" season. The two reality stars had fans wide-eyed this week after they traded words on social media. The online feud started when Big Ed claimed that he was the “most authentic” of the cast members, reports In Touch Weekly. He said this after a follower asked him about the haters that he has gotten because of the show.

He explained that all the hate he has experienced because of "Before the 90 Days" made him the “most authentic” star on the franchise. This did not go well among fans of the show and some current and former cast members.

Hamme did not hold back, calling out Big Ed for the “myth” he is peddling online. She said that the real heroes of the show are the fans that have stuck through all the show’s iterations.

She further took him down a notch, saying that it was a “team effort” to make a reality show like "Before the 90 Days." She told Ed Brown that he should stay “grounded” instead. Big Ed did not bother responding to Hamme. He blocked her on Instagram, which only saddened her. Fans are waiting to see if the two "Before the 90 Days" stars will be able to resolve their feud soon.

Ed Brown on his '90 Day Fiance' controversies

Due to his actions on "90 Day Fiance," Ed Brown has a controversial reputation among the show’s fans.

He has been called out repeatedly because people feel that he is too controlling with his fiancée Rosemarie Vega. Last month, Big Ed was met with outrage when he told Rosemarie Vega to take an STD test. Fans bashed him online because of what he said, which Vega also found offensive and disappointing.

The "Before the 90 Days" cast member became controversial again after he remarked that Rosemarie Vega has legs that are as hairy as his.

He wanted his fiancé to shave her legs, which a lot of people found weird

Lisa Hamme gets chilly reception in first meeting with future mom-in-law

Meanwhile, Lisa Hamme did not have the best week on "90 Day Fiance." This was after her first meeting with the family of Usman Umar ended up being a disaster Baby Girl Lisa did everything she can to impress her future mother-in-law.

She brought a goat during the visit as a gift to Umar’s family. She also wore traditional Nigerian attire, which proved to be uncomfortable for her.

After graciously thanking Hamme for the goat, the mother of Usman Umar walked out of the room. She was triggered when Hamme told the family of their plans to move to America. To be fair, the odds were always stacked against Hamme. The moment Usman Umar told his family about their online relationship, they already expressed their disapproval. Because of their culture, Umar’s family also did not want him to marry an older, white American woman.