Since leaving "90 Day Fiancé," reality star Larissa Dos Santos has kept in touch with her fan base. The Brazilian appeared on the popular TLC show when she was dating Colt Johnson who she later married. However, the two had a divorce, but Larissa has kept her fans updated about her life through social media. With most parts of the world under lockdown due to the coronavirus, Larissa has decided to try out something new as she spends more time at home. In a recent post on Instagram, the 33-year-old informed her fans that she would be undertaking a tight lacing and waist training procedure to shrink her waist size.

Larissa wearing a tight corset

The procedure involves wearing a tight corset around one’s waist over an extended period to achieve a more round figure. Some people also use the procedure to lose weight or strengthen their core and abdominal muscles. In her Instagram post, the "90 Day Fiance" star posted a picture of a corset and wrote that she looked forward to sharing her tight lacing progress with her fans. The reality star asked fans to also try out the procedure if they wanted to have a new experience.

However, some of her followers criticized the move, saying that the procedure was dangerous and unnatural. Fans had different opinions in her comment section, with some commending her for trying something different, while others said that she was advocating for an unsafe procedure.

However, Larissa defended her decision to use the tight lacing procedure. She told fans that she had done her research and was aware of all the required steps she needed to take to safely carry out the procedure.

Larissa and Colt in '90 Day Fiance'

Since leaving "90 Day Fiancé," Larissa has shared her wild experiences with her fans.

She wrapped up her messy divorce with Colt Johnson early last year and got into another relationship with Eric Nichols. The two announced that they were dating at Larissa’s divorce part, but they split up after in September after several disagreements. However, the Brazilian recently revealed that she had made up with her former boyfriend.

Fans were thrilled to hear that the two had resolved their differences.

The former "90 Day Fiance" star has insisted that Erick makes her happy, and she is willing to work on their relationship. The reality star also recently acquired a work permit and posted the good news on her Instagram. The 33-year-old had been living off her family’s and friend’s support, and she was thrilled that she could finally earn a living in the United States on her own. Larissa told fans that she would start a YouTube channel to share her beauty tip. Fans will also be following her waist training progress which is sure to enhance her already stunning beauty.