"90 Day Fiance" star Ed Brown clarified a statement he previously made, saying that he is now prepared to become a father once again. This was contrary to what he said, on "90 Day Fiancé," before he flew to the Philippines to meet up with Rosemarie Vega. Big Ed recently had an interview with US Weekly and he admitted that he actually loves children. He talked about how he had to become a father when he met Vega’s 4-year-old son, Prince. This made him realize how much joy being a father is, eventually changing his reservations about it.

It can be remembered that Brown was nervous about meeting up with Vega because of his future plans to have a vasectomy.

He said that they had already talked about starting a family at that point and she wanted to have a second child. But he no longer wanted to have one because it can be too much pressure for him.

Ed Brown gets family and relationship problems

It is obvious on "90 Day Fiancé" that Ed Brown has not had a relationship in years. In the episodes of the show alone, he has encountered a lot of issues with his relationship with Rosemarie Vega and his own family. Brown can be incredibly controlling when it comes to Vega. He was particularly strict when it comes to things that could affect his reputation.

On the other hand, his 29-year old daughter Tiffany was vocal in her opposition against Brown’s decision to fly to the Philippines.

She was also uncomfortable with the fact that her father’s girlfriend is younger than she is. Tiffany was the product of a relationship Big Ed had almost three decades ago. However, that relationship ended because he cheated on her then-wife.

Big Ed on his controversial actions on '90 Day Fiancé'

Ed Brown has proven to be a magnet for controversy on "90 Day Fiancé." His actions in the past few episodes have caused a lot of the show’s fans to dislike him.

A lot of "Before the 90 Days" viewers criticized Big Ed after he demanded that Rosemarie Vega undergo an STD test. He started thinking about an STD test after he got frustrated with Vega’s refusal to discuss her past with him.

He wanted to discuss her past relationships because she did not want to marry someone he does not really know.

But he handled the whole thing in a bad way, with Vega saying that she felt disappointed and offended at his suggestion.

Big Ed also raised eyebrows among fans when he said that he will not have his STD test in the Philippines. He made it clear that he will only do the test once he is back in America. It was Vega who demanded that he should have an STD test as well. "Before the 90 Days" viewers were also uncomfortable with the huge age difference between Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega. Big Ed is already 54 while Vega is still 23 years old.