Dr. Jon LaPook is a beloved and familiar face to the “CBS This Morning” co-anchors, Anthony Mason, Gayle King, and Tony Dokoupil. More than ever, the reassuring and steady demeanor of the network’s chief medical correspondent is what millions of viewers look to during the coronavirus crisis.

While Dr. Jon LaPook may not be cognizant of the ladies “of a certain age” who playfully tease that he is “the silver fox” of morning TV Shows, the physician is very aware of the fears sparked across the population during these unpredictable and increasingly shaky times, medically, emotionally, and financially for millions of citizens.

The good doctor is a practicing gastroenterologist, and the siege under the COVID-19 pandemic as definitely produced more patients for his field. Tummy turbulence may be the least of the problems that common people are confronting and Dr. Jon LaPook always prevails with his calm bedside manner and the most current data available concerning the outbreak.

This morning, April 7, Dr. Jon LaPook offered a fail-proof prescription that is instantly available, and completely free. He and 80 worldwide cast members of the Broadway musical, “Beautiful” treated CBS This Morning” viewers to a feast of “feel better with a surging chorus. LaPook also showed that he could put on more the white coat, looking snazzy in a fedora and singing along.

Big-name Broadway friends describe the power of one song to Dr. Jon LaPook

From ancient and treasured hymns to "Homeschoolin’” quarantine dance parties, songs offered from the heart have become necessary, daily sources of healing for the countless souls sheltering in place in their homes. Fortunately, there's no shortage of songs or singers from the Great White Way who are more than willing to break the silence and lift spirits.

No matter the Tony Awards or glamorous photos on their shelves, Broadway workers are “gig workers” like so many others robbed of their income and their calling through no fault of their own. Broadway officially “went dark” on March 12. Shocked and saddened as he was, Jason Howland had his own idea for reaching out in comfort and care in the cyber world.

The Grammy-winning musical director of “Beautiful” turned to the beautiful voices from around the world in companies of the musical, and they did more than sing, they dressed for the occasion.

“We can't be on the front lines and we want to support those people however we can,” explained the “Beautiful” musical director to Dr. Jon LaPook. The thing he knew that everyone involved with the musical could do is “share our gifts, spread a little joy, and lift some hearts.” The effort went beyond assembling casts. Musicians, backstage workers, and more did their part for the rendition. Jesse Mueller won the 2014 Tony for her performance as Carole King. She declared that it was a “no-brainer” to be part of the project that spread the “beautiful message” of the composer in “You've Got a Friend.” Dr.

Jon LaPook nodded in full agreement.

It appears that Dr. Jon LaPook takes the occasional part in a quarantined musical

Any proceeds for the global and giving “Beautiful” collaboration go to The Actors Fund. “It's why we are put on this planet-- to connect with people,” stresses Broadway’s own Brian Stokes Mitchell, who is president of The Actors Fund.

This period in history strikes a very personal chord for Mitchell. He is still recovering from the coronavirus at home and makes a particular appeal to support “the grips and the gaffers,” the unseen faces carrying cameras, production staff, and musicians in the orchestra pit who play night after night with no hope of trophies, simply glad to support themselves and their families.

Every culture and musical fancy is reflected in the boundless musical offerings now freely offered in this era of staying home. Dr. Jon LaPook prefers to make his cameo appearances on the “Stars in the House” web series on SiriusXM. The endeavor was launched by the couple Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley and has lured many revered stars. This week, a reunion of “Barry” will feature Henry Winkler and his old friends. “Stars in the House” streams twice-daily, and has featured a who's who of the Broadway and entertainment realm.

Officially, Dr. Jon LaPook is the medical consultant for the hosts, but as one cubicle view demonstrates, the doctor can't help but don a brand-new hat as he sings “Luck Be a Lady Tonight.”

Gayle King is surprised by Dr. Jon LaPook and his singing talent

No one could help but to feel hugged by the final chorus of “You've Got a Friend,” featuring the incomparable Carole King herself, along with a “Beautiful” mom and her two precious boys cuddled on the sofa.

The few minutes brought Jason Howland a cozy feeling. “I haven't been touched in 18 days,” he related. “I need a hug.”

Gayle King certainly felt the warmth of the voices, but the “CBS This Morning” co-anchor confessed: “I didn't know Dr. Jon LaPook was a frustrated singer.” It wasn't such a revelation for Anthony Mason, who nodded and affirmed: “Oh, I knew!”

Perhaps Gayle didn't recognize the voice singing down the CBS hallways back in the days before quarantine belonged to her very well-known friend, known for helping and healing in his own way.