Elvis Presley's ex, Priscilla Presley has been a busy woman over the past several months. Priscilla has been working every angle and idea possible to boost the income for the Presley estate. It is hard to believe that after more than four decades the Elvis Presley brand remains a huge moneymaker for the family according to Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone reports that there have been numerous meetings at the office of Authentic Brands Group who have been pumping out idea after idea on some major new Elvis Presley projects. If you can name it then there is likely a product version for the Elvis Presley brand or one in the making.

Just a few new Presley projects that are in the works include an Elvis Snapchat filter, a soon to be released DVD featuring footage of Elvis over the years with his favorite pets, and CBD infused Hound Dog treats for your pooch.

Priscilla Presley dedicated to making the Elvis Presley Estate a huge money-making corporation

Those are just the tip of the iceberg in upcoming merch featuring the late King of Rock and Roll. Priscilla Presley shares her input on all things Elvis related. For fans who are interested and carry the streaming service Netflix, there is a new animated series heading to Netflix in 2021. The cartoon series will feature an animated Elvis.

The Priscilla Presley co-created show will focus on the Elvis character who is working undercover as a crime-fighting government informant.

Priscilla is doing everything in her power to keep the Presley empire and name since the estate income has dropped significantly around 30 percent from a $60 million per year business.

Cartoon Elvis Presley series underway for Netflix

The plan is to make Elvis Presley gain in popularity with the younger crowds. It is going to be a very aggressive push.

To date, the estate is estimated to be worth around $400 million. Here are a few more things Elvis fans can look forward to in the near future. For fans who make their travel and vacation plans around Elvis events at Graceland, you had better start saving up a little more cash because ticket prices to tour Graceland are rising.

You can also plan on spending more cash if you partake in either of the yearly Elvis celebrations on his birthday or death anniversary dates. The 2020 Elvis Week tickets offer several packages. The first the Limited Platinum Package costs $1600, while the Gold Package is $655. The Guest House Theatre Concert Package will cost you $121.

Ticket prices continue to rise for Elvis Presley 2020 events

With Priscilla at the helm, there are now numerous events and memorabilia museums of your choice. At the rate the events and new attractions are unfolding it seems that Priscilla is slowly but surely turning Presley's once-beloved mansion into a major entertainment park. While some fans are thrilled with the opportunity to tour and participate in everything Elvis, many others are not too happy with the price increases.

Tickets for Elvis Week 2020 go on sale on March 6.