Elvis Presley broke the heart of millions of women on May 1, 1967, when he married someone many consider the one true love of his life - Priscilla. New details have emerged surrounding the wedding day of Elvis and Priscilla they reveal just how much the wedding of the King of Rock and Roll and his young bride's wedding actually cost.

It appears that over the years, there have been some major discrepancies with the information surrounding the day, especially when it comes to the actual cost. According to the Express, the official documents released from the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas state that the wedding did not quite cost what most first believed.

Elvis Presley really only cared about love

A new video released shows Billy Stallings Spa Guy conducting an interview with The Elvis Pawn Shop owner Jon Daly reveals all. Daly claims that the shop has come into possession of the Las Vegas' Aladdin Hotel receipts.

Daly states that rumors surrounding the wedding have claimed over the decades that Elvis and Priscilla's six-tier wedding cake was believed to have cost around $3,200 when in actuality costs only $200. More receipts reveal that the judge who married the happy couple was paid $400. The fee also included transportation and food.

Colonel Tom Parker took charge of Elvis and Priscilla's wedding celebration

The biggest expense, it seems, was the charted airplane which cost a mere $1,741.

The article also reveals that Elvis Presley was not the one who paid out all the wedding day costs. As all Elvis fans are well aware, he was managed by Colonel Tom Parker.

Parker, over the years, has been described as a rather crafty and persuasive man who kept his eye on the big prize and for him that very lucrative prize was Elvis.

So instead of the Colonel or Elvis forking over the cash for the wedding, Parker convinced the William Morris Agency to pick up the bill.

As the end result, Elvis and Priscilla Presley's entire wedding is slated to have cost under $11,000 in total. So was it a cheap wedding that was thrown for The King of Rock and Roll and his bride?

Hardly, we have to remember that the year was 1967.

The most expensive celebrity weddings are not always the ones to last

When comparing, note that $11,000 in 1967 is equivalent to around $84,960 dollars in 2020. However, it seemed like a good deal when comparing the average cost of top celebrity weddings.

The top five most expensive celebrity weddings listed in 2019 come from Cheatsheet. They break them down as follows:

  • In Fifth place: Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto's 2013 wedding cost $10 million.
  • Fourth place: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries 2011 ceremony come in at $10 million also. (Pretty expensive for a marriage that lasted on 72-days.)
  • Third place: Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding in 2011, $34 million.
  • Second place: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who married in 2018 cost $45 million.
  • In the number one spot, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's 1981 wedding cost $110 million which was calculated for inflation.

In the end, Elvis and Priscilla Presley's wedding was very modest and lowkey, which likely seemed just about perfect in Elvis Presley's eyes.