"90 Day Fiance" fans suspect that Williams, Yolanda's guy from the UK is catfishing her. But immediately, they didn't trust the guy as his accent didn't sound British. They thought he sounded Nigerian. Then some bloggers and tabloids ran the story that they tracked down the guy and his real name's Uche Gucheano Ibeh. However, The Fraudcast, run by reliable @fraudedbytlc on Instagram did their own digging. They suggest they have the evidence to prove he's not the person who calls himself Williams.

Yolanda on '90 Day Fiance' might not be perfect - twists arise

Blasting News reported that in the season of "90 Day Fiance" preceding the current "Before The 90 Days," that some fans thought the plot twists were extreme. In fact, many fans thought that TLC simply dreamed up storylines with bad plots and then cast around the theme. But, season 4 of the current season brings way more interesting characters. Twists started appearing that suggest even TLC probably never dreamed up Yolanda's suggested backstories now emerging.

On the face of it, Yolanda's a widow who lost a lot of weight after her husband Dwayne died in prison. She looks great and runs a business with her daughter. The plotline so far is that her daughter thinks her mom's getting catfished by her boyfriend in the UK, Williams.

"90 Day Fiance" fans agree as Williams doesn't sound British, and his camera phone allegedly doesn't work. So they talk a lot. It seems Yolanda's super happy to see him express his love using only emojis. Fans and bloggers focus on rather hunting down who Williams really is.

Williams on '90 Day Fiance' isn't Uche from Nigeria, claims The Fraudcast

Actually, the question of scammers and catfishers on the current reason got covered by the likes of Screenrant, as well as respected outlets like E!News. They noted that Williams wants Yolanda to fly to London but can't even name the airport. Plus, he's from Manchester, so why the meetup in London?

Fuelling more speculation about red flags and catfishing, fans and bloggers set off in search of Williams, who they believe uses a fake name. One website, Popular Superstars carries entertain, lifestyle and trending categories. They wrote about Uche being Williams.

In their article, the outlet noted about "90 Day Fiance," "Yolanda is getting catfished, her BF Williams is really the Nigerian scammer Uche Gucheano Ibeh." They also noted what other people already know: that Williams used photos of Italian model Michele Di Lucchio. But he denied he's actually Williams. However, the allegation that Uche is actually Williams got refuted by The Fraudcast. Well known and seldom wrong, their Instagram noted they'll cover it on Tuesday night's episode.

Fraudcast suggest Yolanda's not only dating Williams, involved with Uche as well

Taking to their Instagram, @faudedbytlc noted, "It has been rumored that this guy is “Williams” of Yolanda and Williams." However, they noted that they were able to "confirm exclusively that Uche (of Nigeria) is NOT Williams, and more so, has likely been taken for a ride by Yolanda." They promise that their podcast episode reveals that Yolanda's been talking to him in addition to Williams (and maybe other men!)" The Fraudcast admin noted that things don't look very much in favor of Yolanda.

In the comments, some people wondered if The Fraudcast really knows the truth as word is out that Uche's a scammer. But, they assured "90 Day Fiance" fans they got the goods.

In response to comments, @fraudedbytlc also wrote that while Uche might seem hard to find, they tracked him down with their own efforts and from tips provided by other bloggers and fans with their sleuthing hats on. So, they note that Uche never approached them for the publicity. It certainly sounds like fans can expect some explosive "90 Day Fiance" tidbits to emerge from The Fraudcast. After all, the site never yet said they got the goods when they didn't.

What do you think about The Fraudcast suggesting that Uche is not, in fact, Williams? And, what do you feel about their post where they suggest that Yoland's actually talking to more than just Williams? Could it possibly be that the catfished could be catfishing as well? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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