"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" fans know Big Ed quite well already. Famously, he treated his hair with mayo. Yep, that's right, his mayo hair treatment and a rather eccentric red-wine scene in the shower got many people giggling. Big Ed with his very short neck, suffers from KFS syndrome which makes him look very squat. The syndrome also makes for a big chest cavity. So, he's short and a bit ungainly. His giant sense of self-deprecating humor seems to be his main good point. Now, fans will finally meet Rosemarie, who he met via Facebook. But while she loved his jolly personality as he makes her laugh, he lied to her about his height and other things that he never mentioned yet.

Big Ed on '90 Day Fiance' stands just 4' 11" tall

Ed's actually quite self-conscious about his physique and he got teased his entire life about it. Obviously, he's very conscious that Rosemarie might not like him for being a short little guy. That's why he took so much care treating his hair with mayo. He wants to make it shiny and smooth for her. Not much can be done about his height, but he seemingly makes up for it with a big sense of humor, which Rosemarie enjoys.

The @90dayfiancecraycray account on Instagram noted that she said that he makes her "laugh" and he's "always jolly." Well, the look on her face in the preview showed her lack of excitement when Ed finally met her in the Philippines.

Probably, she's not laughing so much now, as he lied. The "90 Day Fiance" star told her he's 5'2" when he's only 4'11". Not much of a difference one would think, but yeah, he's really small. And that's not the only lie. By omission, Big Ed forgot to mention that he wants a vasectomy.

Rosemarie's got a child and wants more

ET Online reminds readers that Rosemarie's already got a four-year-old son named Prince.

For sure, she looks forward to starting a family with Ed in the USA. But, Ed's already deeply considering a vasectomy and he's got to break the bad news to Rosemarie. Kids, after all, could be a complete game-changer when it comes to any relationship. So, who knows if they survive the encounter when he spills about it?

Ed told Lauren Zima of ET that his lies came back to bite him.

He admits now, that "It's never a good idea to lie." Hopefully, he didn't learn too late that people need to be "honest." He promised ET that we'll see just how badly he got bitten by telling fibs. It looks like jolly laughter-inducing Ed may have cooked his goose with Rosemarie on "90 Day Fiance."

What do you think about Rosemarie loving that jolly Big Ed makes her laugh? Do you think that's enough for her to forgive him for telling lies to her face and by omission? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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