The pain of “Hawaii Five-O” departing, after ten momentous seasons of TV Shows on CBS, won’t have its deepest cut until next September. The drama that simultaneously evokes edge-of-your-seat action and thrill, with humor and heart as warm as snuggles with Eddie, will be sorely missed by millions when it can't be located in next year's lineup of network shows.

Still, “Hawaii Five-O” faithful have the gift of those ten seasons, with nothing ever “mailed in” from this team. The distinct philosophy of Leonard Freeman’s original concept was a seed of “ohana.” The 2010 incarnation of the police procedural took that kind of camaraderie and bond to the ultimate level with Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan as Lt.

Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams. Along with completing “couple’s therapy,” the partners have rallied and rescued one another countless times, physically and emotionally, through the decade. Each member of the “Hawaii Five-O” ensemble has been showcased in episodes and created lasting TV memories.

A full team effort is necessary for the March 6 “Hawaii Five-O” Season 10 Episode 19, "E ho'i na keiki oki uaua o na pali" (Home Go the Very Tough Lads of the Hills). Quinn (Katrina Law) has a day off, but a call from her former, but still close, stepdaughter Olivia (Siena Agudong) compels the tough-minded ally into a pursuit she never expected.

Her “Hawaii Five-O” counterparts are up to their boots when they investigate the death of a financially struggling rancher.

The crime was clearly intended to make him suffer and the motive was as ageless as an old-time Western movie. Old friends and memorable scenes make this one another keeper for “Five-O” fans.

Quinn leaves the surf for a desperate search on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Quinn and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) are enjoying a respite from the tension of their work and seem to be making a connection that might be the start of something when Quinn gets a call from Olivia whom she has never mentioned.

She had just reassured Adam that she knew he was a “good guy” and that she felt sure he would be reinstated to “Hawaii Five-O.”

Hawaii Five-O” fans have been yearning for more of the back story for this character who unflappably made her introduction to her new boss with guns drawn. Not much gets under Quinn’s skin, but Olivia's call brought an immediate halt to her relaxing day.

When she arrives at the home Olivia shares with her dad, the girl hugs her as though she were making up for 10 years of missed affections. The place is unkempt and Quinn immediately prompts the daughter to confess that her dad has been gone three days, not one, and she knows his absence has nothing to do with his job. She knows he has a gambling problem and is likely “chasing a loss.” Quinn takes Olivia to school, and then appeals to Adam to help her locate her ex-husband, Jake (Bart Johnson) by using some of his contacts in the dark world of the “card rooms.” He immediately agrees.

Katrina Law related in a March 6 Yahoo feature via TVLine that these last few episodes have been especially moving for the entire cast of “Hawaii Five-O,” and that “a lot of tears will be shed” in the two-hour series finale on April 3.

There will be time to put down the tissue box, however, because the actress assures that the double episode is also “so action-packed.” In the interim, viewers will also learn more about Quinn’s father. It's nice that the character will be fleshed out in a satisfying way prior to the farewell.

Quinn opens up to Adam about her marriage to Jake, and how she immediately was drawn to Olivia, especially since he demonstrated all the characteristics of a caring dad, one like Quinn herself never had. Within months, trust was broken as he drained bank accounts and succumbed to endless gambling streaks.

Finally, when Jake is tracked down, the tough side of Quinn barrels back at her ex, as she lays it out that he will enter rehab and make it stick this time, or else face much longer felony child endangerment charges.

“Opening up isn't so bad,” Adam comforts Quinn when she breaks down in the car. Tenderness and toughness balance out in this “Hawaii Five-O” installment.

‘Hawaii Five-O’ has more than just another day at the ranch

One of the many ways “Hawaii Five-O” pays respectful tribute to its history is frequent visits from old friends. This week, the old friend was Jimmy Buffett as Frank Bama, making breakfast in Steve McGarrett’s kitchen, and teaching Junior (Beulah Koale) about “Mama Bama’s” waffle recipe, with bacon grease added to the batter.

Steve McGarrett didn't get to sleep in all that long, because he and the rest of “Hawaii Five-O” rushed to the scene of a ranch in the heavily forested hills, where a rancher, Daniel, has been brutally murdered.

Noelani (Kimee Balmilero) identifies the cause of death as gunshots to his back, but the poor man was also dragged by horses “for at least twenty minutes” prior to his passing.

There is the delicious back-and-forth banter in this episode, kudos to writers, Noah Evslin and Rob Hanning for the infusion of heart truly delightful comic exchanges filling this “Hawaii Five-O” storyline.

Captain Grover (Chi McBride) quickly uncovers that Daniel was going under in every way with his ranch. He owed money to everyone and his dream of converting the land to a macadamia nut farm was only salvaged by a small business loan. The night of his murder, however, he was acting like a big spender, buying rounds of “top-shelf tequila.”

After a little more digging, “Hawaii Five-O” discover that 140-year-old skulls were exhumed on the spot where Daniel was doing his own independent digging, without his hired landscapers or heavy equipment.

The remains belonged to the original landowners, who also were flush with gold, which Daniel hoped to retrieve. Sadly, Ray McCoy (Dave Reaves) was also out to get that buried stash, and his marauding cowboys came after Daniel with a vengeance.

In the process of the investigation, Junior discovers that Tani (Meaghan Rath) had quite a history at a somewhat far away cowboy bar, famous for her line-dancing. She declines the bartender’s invitation to reclaim her title as champion.

The shootout scenes in the wild country are reminiscent of the Season 9 “Hawaii Five-O” fall finale, that tragically, yet beautifully, bid farewell to Terry O'Quinn as Joe White.

This was not the end for Danny and Steve, but they did have to ration bullets.

McGarrett took one, saying he would “improvise,” and he left the rest with Danny. Steve put his rope to very good use, wrangling their deadliest would-be assassin (Stephen Chang) to a stronghold and having him make the call to say that Danny and Steve were dead. There were bodies everywhere by the end of the siege, and Danny's last shot saved his partner. Danny may not be a born horseman, and he doesn't even like guns, but he can indeed hit his mark.

The two are barely walking when they realize the horses can’t go down the mountains “on the ATV.” Danny and Steve take a ride again, enjoying the scenic route.

Steve and Danny savor sunset memories on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Steve pauses on a particularly stunning spot on the way down the mountain.

He mentions missing “the little things” that he's seen a million times as the things he will “this the most.” Danny, in typical fashion, is more worried about practical things, like finding a “squirrel to grill” since the delay to appreciate the view may keep them sleeping on the mountain.

Steve retorts that there are no squirrels in Hawaii, and how his partner hasn’t learned that fact in 10 years. “I'm a slow learner. I guess if I wasn't, I'd have a different partner,” Danny responds. Steve still wants an apology for being called a nincompoop during the gun battle, and the credits roll as these forever comrades and unwitting cowpokes ride off into the “Hawaii Five-O” sunset.