"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 premiered on Sunday night. We saw the usual mock-up drama, real drama, and family concerns we always see in the show. We had Tania banging on about Syngin Colchester growing up in Apartheid South Africa even though he was just 4-years-old when a black government swept into power. We saw a woman living for three years in Russia who apparently can't even order tea in the language, and a lot of other messes. But, we also saw Michael talking about his Brazilian girl Juliana, much younger than him, to his kids. Of all of them, they seem wiser than all the adults put together.

Michael talks to his kids about Juliana, they steal the show for being wise on '90 day fiance'

In the premiere episode, we saw Michael take the kids out for ice creams to talk to them about bringing Juliana to the USA. He's not just concerned that they might not like her, but worries about her parenting. We already know from a preview, that Michael's ex said to Juliana, "What I want from you is to not parent." And, the kids probably agree with that sentiment. E! News reminds us that Michael's "in his 40s and met his 23-year-old fiancé Juliana, a model from Brazil on at a party on a yacht in Croatia."

As Michael's son Max put it in the first episode of "90 Day Fiance," he's closer in age to Juliana than his dad is.

So, he thinks they'll relate just fine. Also, Michael tells his kids when Juliana comes they'll move into a nice big house, and the kids will each have their own bedrooms. Well, his boy can't wait for that, but when they drive to look at the new place, the little girl Cece falls asleep. So, obviously, she's not too stressed about the new developments in her dad's living arrangements.

When the producers asked the kids how they felt about Juliana, they agreed she's not really like a "stepmom" but more like "one of us."

The kids didn't think Juliana and Michael would get married

Those kids seem better with the concept that the "90 Day Fiance" couple should maybe just live together, or remain dating. Neither of them expected him to marry her.

And, given that we know he travels the world with his wine business, and Juliana joins him often, why not keep it that way? But, then they wouldn't be on the TV show. And, when it comes to the age difference between her dad and Juliana, the little girl comforts him, saying, "oh come on...nobody will know." One can't help feel she's being super-sarcastic.

The winners in the wise department definitely seem to be Michael's kids. Several followers mentioned it on Twitter. One fan said, "Michaels kids are about to be the stars of this season. Their commentary is on point, unfiltered. Sarah is likely correct when she speaks about how her children will react-I don’t think she means harm, I think she just knows her kids." Another pointed out, "I've noticed the young kids in shows like #90DayFiance are like kids in horror films.

They are the only ones that have any sense!"

What was your take on Michael's kids? Do you think they take the win for being wiser than the adults on the new season of the show?

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