Lisa Hamme may be a popular "90 Day Fiancé" cast member but a lot of criticism has been hurled her way. This time, fans do not appreciate how her jealousy is affecting the career of her boyfriend, Usman Umar. Judging by the teasers, for the next episode of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," Umar will finally realize how jealous his girlfriend can be. Hamme voiced how she disapproves of Umar’s huge female fan base.

Umar, also known as SojaBoy, is a popular music artist in Nigeria. He is also an entertainer with a large following in his country.

One of Umar’s friends tells him that her possessiveness could have a negative impact on his career. They recalled how Umar wrote a song for Hamme, where he uses his pet name for her, “baby girl,” in the lyrics.

His music executives liked it and they ended up shooting a music video for it, where a model stood in for Hamme. She did not appreciate this and urged him to edit the model out of the clip. Umar’s friend then confronted her about the issue. He asked her if she is purposefully trying to destroy the celebrity’s career. The show’s fans agreed that Hamme’s controlling personality could have dire consequences. They said that she should be more understanding about Umar’s status as a celebrity.

Usman Umar shocks fans with Lisa Hamme confession

Meanwhile, Usman Umar raised some eyebrows in the most recent episode of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." This was after she rated how Lisa Hamme is in the bedroom. In the episode, Umar and Hamme are seen being romantic with each other. In fact, the people around them already feel uncomfortable with their public displays of affection.

They were in a fairly conservative country and people were weirded out about it.

One night, during Hamme’s trip to Nigeria, they stayed together in her hotel. Umar admitted that something happened between them that night. He said that she did well enough for him, rating her as “70 percent good.” Hamme’s trip to Umar’s home country happened because she wanted to finally meet her boyfriend.

Before that, they have only talked on social media.

Since it was their first time seeing each other, in person, both of them had high expectations of one another. When Hamme saw Usman Umar, she remarked that he looked even better in person. He, however, confessed that he was disappointed with what he saw in Hamme.

Hamme’s history with domestic abuse

Life has not been easy for Lisa Hamme. According to her hometown paper, York Dispatch, her former husband threatened to kill her in 2016. Hamme started running from the guy after he physically assaulted her. It is said that the ex-husband rode a car and chased her after the big fight. He then tried to run her over but was unsuccessful.