When Calls the Heart” doesn't only uplift its millions of fans with the faith and friendship that fill its stories of the residents of Hope Valley, the Hallmark Channel drama makes viewers yearn to live in the fictional, rugged Northwest Territory community. Pascale Hutton personifies the very spirited and socially involved Rosemary Coulter on “When Calls the Heart,” and when it comes to getting things done and being willing to step up for a friend, no one could want for a better supporter than her, no matter how many details she wants to know.

Pascale Hutton put big smiles on the faces of “When Calls the Heart” viewers with her August 1 post to Twitter. The beautiful actress shared a photo of her broad and beaming smile alongside several of her co-stars, the seemed equally gleeful. The gang was loaded up and ready to roll on a bus bound for the new start to Season 7. Judging from the casual sense of joy, the cast is rested and ready for love, family, and fun adventures to come.

Almost everyone on board

Not even a bright yellow school bus could hold everyone loved by fans from “When Calls the Heart,” but this gathering has many fan favorites riding with Pascale. Paul Greene, who portrays Dr. Carson Shepherd, flashes a smile on the far left that can't be missed.

Andrea Brooks, who plays Dr. Shepherd’s nurse and new love, Faith Carter, smiles and waves in her sunshades.

Kevin McGarry (Nathan Grant), is sitting beside Pascale Hutton, also in shades and showing his pearly whites. Chris McNally is in the back row, with his own beaming smile. The man who last had Erin Krakow in his arms as Elizabeth, dancing the evening away as Lucas Bouchard, looks pleased as punch to take his place beside the beautiful brunette for the ride into work.

Replies to the post were predictably playful. One begged: “Take me with you!” Another poked fun that veteran star, Jack Wagner, who plays no-nonsense judge and former Sheriff, Bill Avery, must have gotten kicked off the bus for misbehavior. Most of all, though, responses conveyed pure joy at seeing so many of the cast raring to start Season 7.

Looking forward to love and fun

There was no sighting of Kavan Smith, who portrays the on-screen husband of Pascale Hutton, Leland Coulter. The Canadian star and Hallmark Channel favorite could already be in Vancouver. His castmates frequently praise his culinary skills and his ability to pretend like it is freezing cold, even in the middle of summer.

Rosemary and Lee Coulter faced their greatest personal dilemma at the close of last season when Rosemary confronted the possibility that she might not be able to bear a child. The pair vowed to face their future “together, “ as Lee assured, no matter what was to come.

The couple’s parenting skills are already proven for Elizabeth, who named them guardians to baby Jack. Loyal viewers will love seeing them visiting Brookfield in the Hallmark Movies Now video streaming series, “When Hope Calls,” premiering August 30 and running through October 25 each Friday with new episodes. Family love will stay a central theme of both the spinoff and “When Calls the Heart.” Pascale Hutton perfectly conveyed the sense of simultaneous yearning, hope, and despair in her character’s story arc.

Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton frequently share their friendship in poses together, and Krakow took to Instagram just a day ago to show her stint in the makeup chair. The actress never needs much to enhance her beauty and proved that her smile is her loveliest accessory.

Krakow and Ryan Paevey will join “When Calls the Heart’s” beloved Opal, Ava Grace Cooper on August 17 in “A Summer Romance.” The contemporary love story will be another way that the absence of the drama from the cable screens is eased. It's a sure bet that before December is done, “Hearties” will be treated to another Christmas feature to usher in Season 7, although no firm details have been divulged. Krakow will already have her new Christmas feature, “Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen” in rotation for the 2019 season of Yuletide cheer.

With Andrea Brooks currently expecting her first child, an early TV wedding might be in order for her character and the good doctor. the actress has already said she wouldn't mind if her real-life situation came into her character's storyline.

Love may bloom in many ways on “When Calls the Heart” for Season 7, and seeing the cast so delighted for new adventures and challenges, with Pascale Hutton's promise: “Next stop—Hope Valley!” makes the wait for the new start so worthwhile.