Jasmin and Blake from "90 Day Fiancé," have been together for three years. According to E-news, they met on a dating app and, later, Jasmine traveled from Finland to America to be with her man. She discovered that her sister, who had won a green card lottery, was living very close to her American boyfriend.

Yesterday, Jasmine decided to allow her followers to ask her any question, on her Instagram page, and one of her followers asked her how many plastic surgeries she had gone through.

Jasmine bluntly replied to the question, saying that she has never gone through surgery before.

This seems a bit confusing, as a lot of viewers on the franchise have accused the cast member of getting plastic surgery to enhance her look.

However, the "90 Day Fiancé" cast member has given them an answer to the question and cleared all the confusion and investigations done by viewers and some haters.

Jasmine shares a photo of herself

Jasmine always looks fit in her photos. Maybe that is why people think she had gone through surgery, even though there is no real confirmation that the reality star has gone under the needle before.

She shares a recent photo on her Instagram timeline and captions it, "I like the way you say things."

Jasmine wore a white long-sleeved top. She had dyed her hair brown, and she looked stunning.

Fans comment on Jasmine's post

Fans loved her photo, as always. A fan commented, saying that he loved her new look because it made her look different, in the right way, and brought out her natural tone.

The "90 Day Fiancé" alum replied to the comment, saying thanks with a smiling emoji.

Another fan said that she adores herself, and Jasmine agreed, urging everyone to do the same.

One of her fans said she was her role model and a big inspiration to her and that Jasmine was the reason she chose hot tea over red wine.

Jasmine replied to her comment, saying thank you, with a smile.

Another follower said that Jasmine was beautiful inside and out. The "90 Day Fiancé" star and wife to the artist, Blake, replied saying, "Aww thank you, " adding a smiling emoji.

One of her fans said that she and Blake was her favorite couple on the show, and Jasmine expressed her appreciation towards the comment. The last photo Blake posted was of late Kobe Bryant.

There was also a bit of negativity in the comments. One follower asked Jasmine if she ever smiled. The follower might have been thinking that the reality star could not smile because of plastic surgeries done to her face but she replied to the follower's comment, saying that she smiled in all her pictures on Instagram and the "90 Day Fiancé" show.