As the Hallmark Channel and several millions of faithful “Hearties” know, “When Calls the Heart” has become the true heart of the Hallmark Channel and reigns as the longest-running original series in the network’s history. The drama centered on faith, love, unity, and persevering determination of the Northwest Territory community of Hope Valley is a fixture for Sunday night viewing.

Now, it seems that the first streaming series for the network on Hallmark Movies Now, “When Hope Calls.” is drawing fans with equal enthusiasm. The fervor is building so significantly that the Hallmark Channel is adding a one-time special-airing of the first two episodes, of “When Hope Calls,” to its schedule on Saturday, September 21, according to September 13, breaking news for Broadway World and The Futon Critic.

Brookfield is becoming beloved

When Hope Calls” is set in the town of Brookfield, not too far from the familiar Hope Valley, but far enough to allow a brand-new start in the lives of two sisters, Grace Bennett and Lillian Walsh (Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan). The sisters were introduced to “When Calls the Heart” fans during last year's Christmas movie feature, “The Greatest Christmas Blessing.” The sisters were en route to Brookfield and beginning their own orphanage when a broken wagon wheel waylaid them and their group of orphaned children in Hope Valley. The whole community joined together in surrendering their own personal Christmas wishes for the sake of blessing the children.

Brookfield is the childhood home of Lillian, who was soon adopted after her arrival at the orphanage following the death of the siblings’ parents, while Grace was left to “age out” of the system.

The sisters both know the loneliness and isolation of “institutional” care. They are determined to do things differently in their caretaking of the children, while at the same time, learning more about one another.

When Calls the Heart” favorites, Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, who portray Rosemary and Lee Coulter, come to the aid of their neighboring community in the wake of a fire, bringing lumber and lots of love.

The second episode of the two-episode television treat, “From the Ashes,” will feature the endearing characters coming to lend vital support. The episode will follow the first episode of the breakout series, “New Hope,” which introduces the new setting and characters, along with rewards and challenges of life on “When Hope Calls.” The broadcast of the very special double feature will begin at 9 PM ET on the Hallmark Channel.

More to love

Even though the acclaimed Canadian actresses of “When Hope Calls,” have given nothing but gratitude in being part of the “When Calls the Heart” television legacy of success, Jocelyn Hudon stressed that “we make it our own” of the new drama in a “Home & Family” interview last month.

The eyes of another handsome Mountie, Gabriel Winslow (RJ Hatanaka) are drawn to Lillian, while a rugged veterinarian, Chuck Stewart (Greg Hovanessian) becomes captivated by Grace despite some past family troubles. The sisters forge their own lives while never failing to give their best to the children in their care.

There can never be too much of something people love, and that includes anything created by the frontier author who exemplifies meeting every challenge with faith through her novels, Janette Oke.

The cherished “When Calls the Heart” writer is creating a three-book series for “When Hope Calls,” collaborating with her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan.

The new series is already becoming more than a spinoff, and will surely be delighting fans for a long time to come.