It has only been a short time since “90 Day Fiancé” star Juliana got into the United States but she has already experienced how challenging her future life with fiancé Michael will be. Juliana had to sit with Michael and his ex-wife for a meal and it got incredibly awkward, reports EOnline.

Michael and Juliana's embarrassing dinner

As a way to properly introduce Juliana to the entire family, Michael organized a small dinner for everyone. He invited his ex-wife, Sarah, and their two young children. While it seemed like the dinner meeting would turn out great, everything went downhill when Sarah laid down her expectations on Juliana.

Sarah first started by asking Juliana what she thinks her role will be in the family. When the 23-year old woman expressed her confusion, the ex-wife then turned to Michael. Now feeling the awkwardness in the atmosphere, Michael had to scramble for an explanation. He told Sarah that Juliana will definitely not replace her as their kids’ mother.

Sarah wanted to make it clear that while she is okay with Juliana being around, she does not want the younger woman to act as a mother to her kids. Sarah thinks she is doing a good job as the mother to her children and she wants to maintain that role.

Juliana, on the other hand, felt a culture shock with Michael and Sarah’s arrangement. For her part, Juliana explained that when couples divorce in Brazil, they hardly ever talk to each other.

The fact that Michael and Sarah are cordial with each other is something “very unusual” for her.

Michael and Juliana's relationship

Just like with most couples on the show, there is a significant age difference between Michael and Juliana. Michael, aged 41, met the 23-year old Juliana during a party on a yacht in Croatia. One of Michael’s friends threw the party, which reportedly saw the attendance of several celebrities.

When they met, Juliana had little fluency in English so they had to bond first over alcohol. The Brazilian woman was then working at the party as an international model. She said that she was the one who fell in love first.

When asked about the skepticism people feel about their relationship, Michael said that he understood that there may be people who will judge.

But he believes that their love is real and he wants their relationship to succeed. He also wanted to defend Juliana from the people who think that she is only marrying him for a green card.

The two have been technically been a couple for two years now but the visa issues that Juliana faced stopped them from being together. She found it difficult to have her U.S. tourist visa approved. As a way for her to finally visit him in the United States, Michael proposed to have them go the K1 route. This way, Juliana can enter the country as his fiancé. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Days Fiance."