Mama June Shannon has left the state of Georgia, at least for the time being. The former reality television star was spotted, on Monday, with troubled boyfriend Geno Doak at a Golden Corral restaurant in Port St. Lucie, Florida, according to TMZ reports.

June Shannon and Geno showed up at the restaurant with a large group of about 25 people. At this time it is not known what the group's affiliation to June and Geno was. TMZ states that June and Geno and the group enjoyed a quiet lunch with no drama.

June Shannon moves further away from family

Interestingly enough, Shannon and Doak's trip to the Sunshine state comes weeks after June was spotted in a Stockbridge, Georgia pawnshop where she was looking to pawn a diamond ring.

Reported by Blasting News in January, June's family's concern sparked up, once again, when June began selling personal items such as Nike tennis shoes just days after news broke that June and Geno had been kicked out of the hotel they were residing at due to non-payment.

June's post, on Facebook marketplace, sparked immediate family drama. Shannon's mother Sandra Hale left a comment on June's Facebook telling her estranged daughter to please seek help. Sandra also let her feelings about Geno be known telling June he was no good for her and is only using her for her money.

Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin continue plea for June Shannon's return

The family tension continues to mount within the Shannon family.

The family claims they only want what is best for June and they feel that is for her to get away from Geno and get some help with her drug addiction issues. The family has been torn apart with June abandoning her youngest daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" who has been living in the custody of her older sister since June's arrest.

Things have been tough for the Shannon family. However, things are looking up, financially, for the girls. Recently WE-TV announced that a new season of "From Not to Hot" will begin airing in March. The series will be sub-titled "Family Crisis" and will focus on how the girls have handled Mama June's drug struggles, arrest, and disappearance from the family.

June Shannon will not be paid for new season of 'From Not To Hot'

There is one catch though, Mama June Shannon will most likely not appear on the reality series much, if at all, and will not be compensated. All of the money made from the series will go directly to Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin.

It has not been revealed as to just how Mama June Shannon feels about the reality series at this time. The Shannon girls just hope that by doing the reality show that it may aid in helping June come to terms with the reality of her poor life choices and finally get the help she needs.