Mama June Shannon took to social media on Thursday and revealed her biggest life struggles to her followers. Things have been a constant struggle for the 40-year-old reality star since her March 2019 drug possession arrest, according to MSN.

June Shannon stated to her followers that life has been tough, but that she has made the decision to 'get back at it.' Shannon went on to explain to her followers that she is far from being perfect or living a perfect life and that she struggles every day. June claims that some days are so difficult that she wants to just 'disappear.'

Scary times for June Shannon

In November of 2019, Mama June's drug addictions had taken complete control over her life.

Hollywood News Daily reported that June was continuing to spiral out of control and that she was living day-to-day in one hotel after the next. She was also pushing her family away, ignoring her family's desperate pleas for June to get help.

However, according to June's Instagram post, she wants her children to know that she misses and loves them and hopes that one-day things will change and they can go back to being a family again. Following Shannon's arrest, her daughter Pumpkin took it upon herself to gain custody of her 14-year-old sister Alana "Honey Boo Boo."

Is June Shannon ready to ditch her drug addiction?

Over the past several months, life for Mama June Shannon has changed considerably.

The former TLC reality star of "From Not To Hot" has made numerous news headlines revealing her downward spiral into drug addiction. June's addictions have cost her a lucrative reality series, her family, her home, and, if convicted on the alleged crack cocaine felony drug charges, possibly her freedom.

Fans were shocked to see June on Facebook last fall selling off her possessions and her home.

June's full-blown drug and gambling addictions have left the 40-year-old in serious financial despair.

June Shannon looking for a fresh start

Over the past months, June has been spotted pawning off her jewelry and recently made celebrity news headlines when she and boyfriend Geno Roak were kicked out of the Georgia Residence Inn Marriott after failing to pay off their $2000 bill.

If Mama June Shannon's heartfelt Instagram post is true, then it appears the reality star could finally be working on getting back on the right track in her life. But it is going to take a lot more than just words for the Shannon family to buy into June's confessions. The family wants to see June get professional help, go to rehab, and steer clear of any and all of the bad elements that have taken over her life.

In a recent report, the Shannon children and family members reveal they are willing to do whatever it takes and want nothing more than to see their Mama June Shannon get clean, and sober and start to enjoy living a healthy life not only for herself but for the entire family.