The Good Doctor” is determined to start the day in the best way possible for the love of his life. Carly is rightly impressed and feeling pampered by the Gordon Ramsay recipe for her eggs. Shaun (Freddie Highmore) took the extra precaution of slicing the tomatoes for her physical safety and wants to do everything possible to make her emotionally safe in light of his friendship with Lea (Paige Spara).

The first meal of the day works its magic because Carly tells her boyfriend that she is “fine” with his friendship with Lea, and she and Shaun share a little love-making with their eggs in this week's February 17 Episode 15 for Season 3, “Unsaid.” Unfortunately, the day at the hospital doesn't begin on such a jovial note for everyone.

Dr. Park (Will Yun Lee) cautions “The Good Doctor” not to “kiss and tell,” noting that it offends ladies even though they “do it all the time.” Dr. Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) immediately jumps in to spread seeds of doubt in Shaun’s mind. She continues through the day, discussing the nonverbal signals women send. Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) makes a firm declaration of “no bias against anyone” in light of his recent anonymous report of favoritism. In response, he does a 10,000 foot back-flip in the other direction, refusing to give Claire (Antonia Thomas) any participation or opportunity in her work.

Pain and pathos surge in this tale on ‘The Good Doctor’

Give the showrunners of “The Good Doctor” another prize for selecting a darling actor in a pivotal guest role.

This time, a boy named Cory is the patient, exuberantly portrayed by Zade Garcia. Because of his damaged throat structures and tracheotomy, he suffers repeated severe infections, which only worsen with time.

His parents (Karina Noelle Castillo and Matthew Bridges) relate how sign language keeps them connected “with what he's going through,” almost as though they have never considered the possibility of their son speaking.

The Good Doctor” can't help but see his own communication struggles from the time of his childhood. He describes the deficits of communicating by sign language, despite Cory’s seemingly spirited acceptance of his situation. Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) redirects Shaun to tone down his passionate insistence.

Dr. Murphy discovers a procedure to use bones from ribs to fabricate a larynx and give Cory the chance to speak.

Shaun is far more preoccupied with his patient than he is about Lea eating food on his plate. Morgan, however, continues to divulge the meanings of these behaviors, which keeps “The Good Doctor” unsettled and distracted, even in the operating room.

Morgan has major troubles of her own. Her rheumatoid arthritis is reaching dimensions of pain that she cannot conceal, and despite her efforts, she cannot complete a technique directed by Dr. Lim during Cory’s surgery. “The Good Doctor” steps in, and the process is a success. Even though Dr. Lim reminds her that unlike professional athletes, “we don't play through our injuries,” she lets Reznick know that no one is safe from being let go, including her.

Despite her abrasive qualities, no one can deny that Morgan has worked hard to become a surgeon, and now feels everything slipping away under a ticking clock.

Cory is able to take his first true breath without mechanical assistance in his memory, and also make his first little growl of a voice. Dr. Murphy responds only with “You’re very welcome” to the boy's thanks, but the satisfaction for “The Good Doctor” comes from knowing that Cory will be spared from the mocking, shaming, and isolation that being “different” can bring.

Claire doesn't get a break on ‘The Good Doctor’

A new case for Claire involves a female firefighter, Fran (Brittany Willacy), who suffers a potentially career-ending arm injury.

When Fran can't feel anything in the injured arm after the initial surgery, Dr. Melendez and Dr. Park decide that creating a synthetic shunt in the arm will restore circulation and eventually function, although it will take away some strength.

After a touch and go scare, the surgery is a success. Fran wants to credit Park and Brown, but Park insists that “we didn't do anything,” giving Melendez full praise. Claire confronts Melendez, stupefied as to why a woman professional can never have a male friend without being questioned or accused of manipulation. She tells him how much it helps her to talk with him, simply as a listener. He turns and walks away, tone-deaf to the truth of her words. He may be in running mode after the controversy amid his relationship with Dr.

Lim, but this refusal is just wrong. He tells Claire that “I'll still be here to support you,” before he walks away.

The close of the episode shows Claire coming to sit beside him at a restaurant bar. He gets up and leaves, going to his car. He finally seems to get a revelation of “Is this my life?” as he closes the door. The next shot is him returning to Claire, and asking for “two menus.”

Dr. Park confesses to Claire that he was the one making the accusation of favoritism, insisting that “I did it for you,” supposedly saving her from potential trouble. The truth will sort itself out in the next few weeks. A night of fun and friendship and one of the favorite activities for “The Good Doctor” prompts a drastic decision.

Karaoke fun for ‘The Good Doctor’ soon goes another direction

Shaun and Carly are giggling sweethearts as they sip their drinks at the karaoke bar. Carly nods to “The Good Doctor” that “They’re going to make a baby tonight,” seeing the affection of another dancing couple. When they turn, Carly exclaims: “It's Lea!” After more than a few incredibly awkward moments, Shaun tells a joke to Carly that completely breaks the ice. Lea and her date join in on karaoke, and Lea and Carly looked like they are having the time of their lives as “Dreamgirls” harmonizr on stage.

The view that follows, however, shows heartbreak in Carly's eyes. She watches Lea and Shaun share microphones and spin, and she senses the “something” between them.

The next morning, while Shaun is still delighted by the memories, Carly doesn't stay for breakfast.

Carly meets Shaun as he leaves the hospital after his shift. With the chilly Vancouver wind turning their breath to smoke, she tells “The Good Doctor”: “I can't be your girlfriend anymore.” He visibly shivers, asking, “Did I do something wrong?” Carly declares: “I know what I saw.”

Despite Shaun’s repeated insistence of “No!,” Carly tells him to tell Lea how he feels. Highmore and Nicole are brilliant at speaking thousands of pages through their eyes, and the sounds of a full choir singing R.E.M.’s classic, “The One I Love,” make the scene that much more unbearable. Only the final weeks of Season 3 will reveal if “The Good Doctor” will follow Carly's direction or defend their relationship.

Everything is balancing on the brink, but friends of the medical drama can already take delight in knowing that Season 4 of “The Good Doctor” is a done deal. Few TV Shows get such assurance before spring ratings' sweeps.