Lisa Marie Presley reveals that her ex-husband Michael Jackson had a huge fear of ending up like her late father Elvis Presley. According to Express, Lisa Marie married Jackson in 1994. The couple stayed together for only two years.

Lisa Marie Presley claims that even though they were together for only a brief period of time she knew Jackson better than anyone. The two would often engage in long-heartfelt talks where Michael would pour his soul out to her.

'I couldn't save him' claims Lisa Marie Presley

Presley recalls that one day she and Jackson were engaged in a conversation about life when Michael began asking her a lot of questions about her late father, and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Lisa claims she told Michael that she was only nine-years-old when her father died that the details are sketchy but would tell him what she remembered.

Elvis Presley died at only 42-years of age on August 16, 1977. Lisa Marie recalls she was staying with her dad at the time in Tennessee at Graceland. She said she remembered walking into the master bedroom suite belong to her father and seeing her dad lying on the floor surrounded by family members and close friends who were trying to revive him.

Both Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson's death continue to haunt Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis' girlfriend Ginger Alden had found Elvis unconscious and lying on the bathroom floor. His death was ruled as a fatal heart attack.

It was later determined that Elvis' heart failure was brought on due to his long history of prescription drug abuse.

During that private conversation between Jackson and Presley Lisa Marie stated she remembers Michael telling her that he was afraid he was going to "end up like him, the way he did." Oddly enough, what Michael Jackson feared most came to light within his own life.

Lisa claims she told Michael that he would not and attempted to change the subject. However, deep down she could feel his fear.

Lisa states that the memory of this conversation came back to her herd 14-years later as she sat and watched in shock the news of Michael Jackson's passing. She also admits that during her time with the King of Pop, she felt she could save him from his fears.

Michael Jackson predicted his fate

She recalls it was an eerie feeling watching the news of Jackson's death on the news. She said watching the crowd gather at Michael's home, the ambulance pulling away as the news teams snapped photos was a lot to see and brought back the heartbreaking memories of her father's death.

Lisa Marie added that both Elvis and Michael's shocking deaths were so very similar that it was frightening. She also stated that it was what brought back the day of this conversation with Jackson. The comparisons between Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson's deaths to this day remain shocking.

Jackson's cause of death was determined as acute propofol and benzodiazepine overdose. His doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the improper administering of the drugs which led to MJ's death at age 50.

Dr. George Nichopoulos (Elvis' personal physician) was indicted on 14 counts of overprescribing drugs to Elvis as well as singer Jerry Lee Lewis and at least twelve other celebrity patients. Nichopoulos prescribed more than 10,000 strong prescription pills to Elvis from January through August of 1977 alone.

Oddly enough Lisa Marie believes in her heart that Michael Jackson somehow predicted he would die in the same way that Elvis did.

To date, both Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson fans remain very dedicated to the late entertainers which if not for the negligence of their trusted physicians may have lived on many, many more years sharing their incredible talents with their fans.

Despite that, both Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson remain legendary music icons. Do you find Lisa Marie Presley's comparisons between Elvis and Michael frightening?