"90 Day Fancé" fan-favorite reality couple, David and Annie Toborowsky were doing a giveaway of two thousand dollars on their Instagram account. The reality duo posted a video of them explaining the processes one needs to follow to participate in the giveaway and stand a chance to win.

They asked their followers to follow an Instagram account, "all4luck." They also asked their fans to follow everyone that "all4luck" follows on his Instagram and that was all. Then, both of them posted the same video on their page. Although the giveaway has closed, the winner will be announced on March 1, 2020, on "all4luck's" Instagram page.

They said that the giveaway ends in six days and to qualify, one must be over the age of sixteen and own a Paypal account. A lot of their fans partook in the giveaway and Annie was so nice to wish them good luck.

Annie showing her fans how she makes tea

Annie has been uploading videos on her Instagram, lately. She posted a video of herself making tea and although, many may see her video as basic at first, she explained how she uses a special tea. She said that she used it in the morning and night. She also said that she drank the tea anytime she ate too much.

A fan commented, saying that she loved the "90 Day Fiancé" star's kitchen and Annie replied to the comment with three heart emojis.

Annie visit to Thailand

Annie visited Thailand on February 25, 2020. She posted a beautiful photo of herself in a white top and a black and gold sarong. She said in her caption that her husband had a lot of sarongs and any woman that wanted one should send a direct message to him. One of her fans said that she looked gorgeous in her clothes and she loved to see her on "Pillow Talk."

David posted a video of Annie dancing in Thailand.

She was with three people and they all danced and Annie looked happy. David said in his caption, "This is what a happy life is. Happy wife = Happy life. I love my Queen." He loves to call Annie his queen in his captions and comments.

While they were in Thailand, they did a cameo for one of their fans and David posted it on his Instagram page.

In the video, David wished the woman a happy sixtieth birthday, they also joked about the chickens running around their background, saying that either the loser or the winner becomes KFC.

David said in his caption that "you never know what will appear in your cameo."

Many fans said nice things in the comments. One of their fans said they loved Annie and Pillow talk. David replied to the comment, saying "thank you."

What do you think of the "90 Day Fiancé" couple? What do you think of her beautiful Thailand outfit? What do you think of the giveaway? Are they your favorite couple on "Pillow talk?"