Elvis Presley is just one of those iconic Celebrities that fans refuse to let go of. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands who believe that the King of Rock and Roll did not die on August 16, 1977.

This August will mark 41 years since the legendary icon, Elvis Presley, died, or did he? This is the question that has been asked a million times throughout the years, becoming one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all-time.

The Presley family remains a popular topic of interest

The subject is a touchy one for some and one that has left millions divided.

In fact, there are several social media groups devoted to proving that Elvis Presley did not die on August 16, 1977. It is also believed that if Elvis did actually fake his death and go into hiding, he is also planning a shocking return to the public eye very soon.

The return of Elvis

On that day he will reveal all the details. These same fans believe that Presley has also been giving the world hints all along that he is alive, and that these so-called Elvis sightings over the years have been accurate. These clues, they claim, have been in front of fans' faces all along. First off there has been major conflict concerning the alleged body of Elvis Presley which was photographed inside his coffin.

It has been revealed many times over that the body on display during Elvis' viewing was a fake and possibly a wax figure. It has even been claimed by fans who were outside of Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion on August 16, 1977, that a helicopter was spotted hovering over the mansion before ambulance drivers arrived on the scene.

Toss in the misspelled grave headstone, the unclaimed life insurance policy, and an alleged phone call made to a close female friend of Elvis after his death was announced (revealing information only the real Elvis would know), and fans have reason to question. This is really just the tip of the Elvis Presley death conspiracy theory iceberg.

Over the years there have been hundreds of alleged Presley sightings all over the world -- even as recent as 2017. A man pictured in the crowd at the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death at Graceland looked suspiciously like the King.

Some die-hard fans also believe that Elvis Presley remains at Graceland Mansion working as the gardener. It is rather suspicious to fans visiting Graceland as far as why the entire top floor where Elvis' bedroom suite is located remains roped off, and under guard.

All that can officially be said on the subject at this time is that until fans receive iron-clad proof that Elvis is in fact deceased, this conspiracy theory will continue to remain a popular subject of interest for many years to come.

What are your thoughts on the Elvis Presley death conspiracy theories? Do you believe that there is any chance that Elvis Presley is still alive today?