Farrah Abraham has revealed that she has no interest in speaking or associating with her former "Teen Mom" castmates. Us Weekly reports that Farrah really wants nothing to do with the women who have not supported everything she has accomplished since her time on "Teen Mom."

The former reality star turned adult entertainer/ businesswoman reveals she does stay in touch with MTV executives and creators. Abraham wishes the other women well and good luck in their careers, but, she claims she is on an entirely different level than they are.

Farrah Abraham snubs other moms

According to Farrah, she is very proud of the fact that she is best friends with her 11-year-old daughter. It is this line of thinking that has found Farrah in hot water with her followers on more than one occasion.

Many of Farrah Abraham's Teen Mom followers believe that she is not doing her daughter, Sophia, any favors treating her as a friend, instead of a child. Over the years, Abraham's parenting style has been put in question. Fans became outraged with Abraham most recently after sharing a video in early January of young Sophia twerking.

Sophia Abraham treated like an adult by mom Farrah Abraham

This is not the first time Abraham has been put on blast for allowing her daughter to participate in what is considered grown-up activities.

Over the years, Sophia has been permitted to travel the world with her mom instead of attending school. She has also been kicked off social media platforms after engaging in bizarre conversations with strangers.

With all of the grownup activities Sophia has been exposed to at such an early age, it is Farrah's ways of allowing Sophia to act like an adult that has often caused drama for her.

Abraham also reveals that she is super-proud of Sophia's recent Tik Tok music video.

Sophia Abraham wants to be just like mom Farrah Abraham

Farrah claims that she will support her daughter no matter what she decides to do in life. So far Sophia is following right along in Farrah's shoes stepping into any and all business opportunities that come her way.

Sophia's activities over the years also include modeling, boutique ownership, music, and acting.

As for reality television, Farrah Abraham claims that if everything lined up well she could possibly be persuaded to one day return to MTV's "Teen Mom franchise," or perhaps another form of reality television. But for now, she is very content with her life as it is, whether it be with her beauty line, fashion, or her many venues of adult entertainment.

It has been questioned through the years as to whether or not Sophia will one day follow in Farrah Abraham's ventures in adult entertainment. We hope not, but as they say the "apple does not fall from the tree." So it would not be a huge shock at this point. After all, Farrah's biggest dream is to be Kardashian-level famous at any price, it seems.