Jenelle Evans has her social media followers in a major uproar today after she revealed, on her official Facebook page, that she and David Eason have bought a new family pet together. On Wednesday, Jenelle posted photos of her two youngest children, Ensley and Kaise,r with their arms wrapped around the neck of a golden Labradoodle.

Jenelle captioned the post "Meet Rosy." The poor pup looks uncomfortable with the children hanging on to her. Evans' social media followers immediately began to blast the former Teen Mom 2 calling her decision a bad one.

Jenelle Evans has Teen Mom fans in an outrage

One Facebook user posted "Who tf would give them a dog?"

While another stated, "This is a situation that is not going to end well."

Teen Mom news followers are livid that Jenelle would even consider a new dog in the same home with David Eason considering that he killed the family's French bulldog Nugget during a fit of rage.

David Eason continues to sweet talk Jenelle Evans during rumored reconciliation

As previously reported, Jenelle Evans, after first denying that she and David Eason had reunited, finally admitted that she was living with David at their North Carolina home. Jenelle claims that she and David are taking things slow and that he has a lot to prove to her before she will begin trusting in their marriage once again.

So, taking it slow, for Jenelle, is code for reconciling with her husband who not only killed her beloved dog, but cost her temporary custody of her children, was verbally and physically abusive, and cost her a lucrative job with the Teen Mom franchise.

According to E!, Jenelle Evans spoke with them, earlier this month, stating that she and David Eason were only co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter.

She later admitted that it was not completely out of the question that she and Eason would get back together.

Jenelle Evans reveals she and David Eason are 'considering' counseling

The former reality star claimed that, before considering a reconciliation, David would have to prove a few things to her. She claims she told David he would have to get a fulltime job and help pay the bills.

She also claims that she and David are "considering" going to counseling.

On Tuesday, Jenelle was spotted with her kids and David shopping for pet supplies including a new doggie bed while at a Leland, North Carolina Walmart.

When asked about the new dog as usual Jenelle Evans made an excuse. Evans claims she bought the dog when she first separated from Eason back in November. She added that the pooch just needed a new bed, but the dog is "not new to me but no one knows."

Jenelle Evans claims at this point in her life her number one priority is that her children are happy, and right now being back at their North Carolina home with David Eason is what is making them happy at this time. However, her fans appear to believe differently and feel Jenelle has made a huge and potentially dangerous mistake.