Fans of Britney Spears are growing concerned for the 38-year-old singer, once again, following Britney's recent Instagram share, per The Blast. On Wednesday, Britney shared a new Instagram video that reveals the singer speaking one moment in her regular voice and then suddenly reverting to a British accent.

Britney Spears has a long history of mental health issues and, in the past, has jumped into a conversation using a British accent during times when her mental health appeared to be strained. So you may well understand her fans and followers' concerns when Britney shared the video of herself at the Maui Zoo.

Britney Spears appears out of sorts on social media

Spears shared the new footage and can be seen and heard talking along about the massive amount of birds she is hearing when she suddenly begins rambling off with a very distinctive British accent. Fans began quickly commenting on Britney's appearance and bizarre behavior.

One follower asked, "Is she okay?"

While another wondered, out loud in the comments, if the singer was "on crack."

Is Britney Spears conservatorship the cause of her mental health breakdown?

Britney Spears fans remember that, well back in 2008, Britney was committed to UCLA Psych Ward on a 5150 evaluation hold. During that time it appeared as if Spears could have been suffering from some form of a personality disorder and spoke in a British accent for nearly 24 hours straight.

This was also during the time her conservatorship came into play. Something that sent the singer over the edge at the time feeling that everyone, including her closest friends and family members, were out to destroy her.

The conservatorship has been an ongoing battle between Britney and her father Jamie Spears for some time now and will continue on for quite some time into the future.

Britney's future lies in the hands of her father

Spears' father is currently in charge of Britney's conservatorship and made all financial decisions for the past ten years, including the recent child support increase negotiations with Britney's ex Kevin Federline.

Earlier on the same day Britney also posted a video of her seemingly normal, working out on the beach while sporting the tiniest yellow bikini.

The video reveals Spears has quickly healed from her recent dance injury where she broke a bone in her foot. The foot was placed in a cast and at the time it was thought would sideline the singer for several weeks.

Britney, however, appears to be a quick healer and is back to her normal workout routine while prancing and dancing around the beach. It is not known at this time as to what may have set Britney Spears off at this time causing her to once again have her mental health under question by her fans and followers.

We hope Britney Spears is okay and is not seriously sliding in reverse after all of her hard work and rehab facility treatments.