Amanda Bynes fell on hard times - really hard times. Another child star turned into an adult without the skills to cope with their fame; another Lindsay Lohan in the making. But then, something changed. She began to turn her life around and set a more successful course for the future than some of her counterparts. Then, she went on TV for the first time in a really long time to prove that she has changed for the better.

Time for a TV interview

Diana Madison conducted the interview and eventually aired on TV through ABC News. It was Bynes' first interview in more than four years.

One of the biggest takeaways from the interview was the former actress' desire to get back into the acting scene.

She claimed that she missed it, but that she intended to begin that part of her career again. Rather than aiming for the movies, however, she wants to be on television again, either as a guest star or potentially with her own show. Of course, she was most famous for Nickelodeon's "The Amanda Show," a variety/sketch show.

Bynes also took the time to discuss what she's been up to lately. She's attending (and enjoying) The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, hoping to launch her own clothing line down the road. She's also picked up some hobbies, from hiking to helping the homeless.

Overall, the TV interview made it seem as if she is in a better place than she was a few years ago, and that she has found some sense of happiness and purpose.

Missing Amanda Bynes

For millennials, Amanda Bynes represents something. She became a star on "All That" before the turn of the century. That led to "The Amanda Show," one of the most iconic shows for people in their 20s right now.

"Bring in the dancing lobsters" is a line that goes down in TV lore. She also starred in "Big Fat Liar," "She's the Man," and "Easy A" on the big screen.

But in 2012 - following a retirement from acting - Bynes went off the rails. She was arrested for DUI and several hit-and-run charges. There were several other bizarre episodes, which eventually landed her in a conservatorship and in a psychiatric facility.

It seemed as if she was headed down a path, so many child stars and celebrities have gone down before. But she is coming back from the brink,

It seemed as if she was headed down a path so many child stars and celebrities have gone down before. But she is coming back from the brink, hopefully, stronger than ever. A return to TV may still be a long way off, but the possibility of such an event should excite fans around the world - in the words of another famous sketch, it would be "totally Kyle."