When Calls the Heart” will celebrate the Season 7 premiere this coming Sunday, February 23, and faithful “Hearties” are already fluffing the couch cushions and anxiously counting the minutes until the most beloved and successful Hallmark Channel drama transports them to Hope Valley once more. Love and life just don't happen in the same way on other TV Shows.

The 2019 Christmas movie feature, “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas” was heart-warming with a huge capital “H.” All of the Northwest Territory community gathered for a German Christmas Festival courtesy of Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and graciously delivered the best of frontier hospitality when they hosted guests from far and near with true family-style dining from their kitchens.

Bearing with tradition, “When Calls the Heart” never divulges secrets from the previous season-ending episode action in the Yuletide offering, but that doesn't stop loyal fans from wanting to storm the barricades and break into the series’ writer’s rooms. The leading lady, Erin Krakow, who portrays the ever-resilient Elizabeth Thornton, weighed her handsome suitors with a fair hand in a January 1 feature, noting that beyond both men being dashing, they are “good listeners, generous, sensitive” and “good with her kid.” Lucas may not have the natural rapport with infants in making faces, like Nathan (Kevin McGarry) from his Mountie training, but for heaven’s sake, the saloon owner gave her a building for her library.

What gift tops literacy and traveling the world through pages, even for her precious son, Jack? He definitely gets points for far more than deep pockets.

Per reports from Showbiz Cheat Sheet on February 15, Elizabeth has her eyes on the past, the future, and pursuing another passion, one not dressed in a red serge or a stylish waistcoat.

Erin Krakow and her “When Calls the Heart” BFF’s took some time to dress up and kick up their heels at the Hallmark Channel party for the centerpiece drama on February 12, just before Valentine's Day. Let's just say that these stars never lose their sense of style or playful spirits.

‘When Calls the Heart’ and the dueling Season 7 previews

it didn't take much deep reading to discern that some “When Calls the Heart” faithful were less than thrilled with the Season 7 preview that the Hallmark Channel posted on January 29. There's just a hint of sexiness to the snippet of Erin Krakow strolling down the center street of Hope Valley. Her smile as Elizabeth Thornton gradually goes from Mona Lisa-like to full-on delighted as both Nathan Grant and Lucas Bouchard offer intense gazes to the tones of Nina Simone singing her classic, “I'm Feeling Good.”

The clip certainly qualifies as a tease, and it's good to see Elizabeth Thornton flattered by the attention of two very worthy suitors, but a peek at the comment section provides evidence that “Hearties” need more.

Again and again, pleas for “a real preview” appear. A few other remarks call the taunting look “a completely pointless preview.”

No one can say that the Hallmark Channel doesn't hear its viewers, because on February 12, the fondly remembered form of the “When Calls the Heart” preview returned.

There is Elizabeth echoing that “it's about wanting to make the world a better place” likely referring to her thoughts of the future for her son and the legacy of her late husband. A cozy hug with Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Clara (Eva Bourne) is a delight, as is the playful vignette with little Jack.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet deemed the remarks of Lucas Bouchard harsh and unwelcome to Elizabeth, but in truth, they are simply direct and seeking for the teacher to go deeper into her creative soul.

Elizabeth returns to her pages on ‘When Calls the Heart’

When Calls the Heart” frequently opens with Elizabeth recording her thoughts in her journal, as Erin Krakow recites them aloud. At the opening of Season 6, Elizabeth felt she had her creative inspiration to write about the lives in Hope Valley. In this preview of the coming season, Elizabeth is sitting in front of the typewriter that was a wedding gift from Jack, and her words are sailing onto the page. Nothing would make Jack smile more broadly.

Lucas Bouchard declares that “The best writing comes right from the heart,” following the glimpse of Elizabeth diligently at her desk. Following the assertive words comes the question of “What's in your heart?” from Nathan to Elizabeth.

Lucas and Elizabeth share a love of culture and literature. He will always challenge and push her to her highest potential. Nathan, in contrast, yearns for her to fulfill his yearning heart-- to be the one who helps him become a better man. There are no indicators yet to show Elizabeth following her eyes out the door after Nathan, so patience is in order. In only six days, that answer will be known.

Time to celebrate for ‘When Calls the Heart’

Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) and Rosemary's devotion is a thing of wonder to behold on “When Calls the Heart,” and the two actors do nothing but praise one another in their on-screen partnership. This preview depicts the couple destined to celebrate their anniversary, but with altered plans in the end.

Countless fans have been endeared by this pair, and their path to potential parenthood is one of the most anticipated story arcs in the series.

While this steadfast couple captivates with their enduring love, Jesse (Aren Buchholz) and Clara are caught up in the excitement of wedding preparations. Dr. Shepherd (Paul Greene) and Faith (Andrea Brooks) must ponder a career decision that would move her away from Hope Valley. Thrilling and fulfilling as it is, love is always about decisions, not feelings.

By every appearance, the “When Calls the Heart’ cast in attendance at the network’s festivities surely seemed to be overjoyed. Erin Krakow wore an elegant, cream colored blazer and long skirt. Michelle Vicary, the Executive Vice President of programming and publicity for Crown Media, the parent company of Hallmark, was there in proud support of the number one cable series.

Just for good measure, Chris McNally and a bearded Kevin McGarry surrounded Erin and the boss-- creating neutral ground for all the predictions between #TeamLucas and #TeamNathan. The other lovely ladies—Brooks and Hutton-- donned black or dark blue in knee-length dresses, with dazzling smiles, as seen in Erin Krakow’s Instagram share. These pals are ready to make “A Moving Picture,” their season premiere, shake with joy. Veteran star, Jack Wagner, now Judge Bill Avery on “When Calls the Heart” broke a smile for the fun moment. It usually takes baby Jack (Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor) to make that happen.

Whether becoming ready to love again, delighted by new love, or satisfied by tested and true love, fans have much love to look forward to all through Season 7 of “When Calls the Heart“