"90 Day Fiance" star Deavan Clegg shared a video on her YouTube and a post to her verified Instagram account about her, Jihoon and the kids. They all went out to visit the petting zoo. Drascilla, her daughter, seemed thrilled with the outing. But Deavan got a lot of comments about not taking care of the kids properly in the face of the coronavirus in South Korea. She slammed them, saying that the media's blown it all up and makes it sound much worse than it really is.

Angry '90 Day Fiance' star Deavan lashes out at critics over coronavirus concerns

Fans of the TLC show know that Deavan met Jihoon and quickly fell pregnant. Later, she gave birth to their son Taeyang. Now living in South Korea, she often posts videos of her daily life in the country. On February 21, she took to her Instagram to share that she'd uploaded a new video to their YouTube account. Over there, a video of about 12 minutes showed the family at the petting zoo. Drascilla stroked some of the animals and fed others. Her happy laughter showed it was a successful outing.

However, sharp-eyed "90 Day Fiance" fans noticed that at various times, baby Taeyang, Jihoon, Deavan, and Drascilla never wore face masks.

Actually, little Taeyang did for a while but he tried to eat it. Drascilla's often slipped below her nose. Quickly to point out their concerns, some fans commented on the video. One noted, "Please be careful with that virus there. Serious disease. Be safe." But later, Deavan slammed critics and those who care, on her social media.

Instagram story - Deavan feels they are safe in South Korea

Taking to IG, Deavan said, "We are safe from the virus so stop calling me a bad mom for living in South Korea." She noted, "Our kids are safe and clean." Deavan added how everyone's conscious of taking care of their "hygiene." Then the "90 Day Fiance" star noted that the media blow it out of proportion and make it sound "way worse than it actually is." Finally, she called for a stop to those criticizing comments on her posts.

Well, rather a lot of people criticize, but it seems they do so out of fear for Deavan and her family rather than out of hate. Not every critic turns out to be a troll. But, there are lots of people commenting on Deavan's Instagram posts about their day out at the petting zoo. Even her efforts to wear a face mask at one stage received criticism for using the wrong kind of face mask. But, Deavan pointed out they didn't wear them for coronavirus, but for her allergies to animal hairs.

Fans comment on Instagram post about wearing masks against coronavirus

On one of her posts about the petting zoo, plenty of fans started talking about face masks and the Coronavirus. One "90 Day Fiance " follower said, "I remember you saying the Corona virus wasn't that serious and the media was exaggerating it.

Glad to see you are now taking it seriously." But Deavan responded by saying, "we were wearing masks because the air and the fact we are inside a closed space with animals when we are all allergic."

A fan then responded, noting, "where do you live? You are sadly mistaking." Then Deavan replied, saying, "I live in Korea and I think it’s sad and serious. But I believe the media is making it sound worse. And yes it is factual that more people die from the common cold."

Well, it looks like fans grow scared of the way the virus is being reported. Deavan seems confident they are actually safe in South Korea. It's really hard to know what is truly right under these circumstances as well, given the amount of misreporting on sites like Twitter.

Basically, all fans can do is hope that Deavan and Jihoon handle the virus as best as they can alongside South Korean guidelines. Hopefully, nothing bad happens to them. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.

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