Sheinelle Jones fills every one of her “Today” roles with her energetic, joyful spirit. The broadcast journalist with Kansas roots joined the “Today” family in 2014 after nine years in Philadelphia and previous work in Tulsa. Millions of viewers see Sheinelle Jones as a breath of fresh air on morning TV Shows, as she is always ready to share an honest opinion, speak as a mother, or even do a little dance to liven things up.

When Janet Jackson notices your moves, it's something special, and Sheinelle Jones got a social media nod from the “Rhythm Nation” queen after her perfect emulation of the R&B idol last Halloween.

Jones also delights in giving mothers’ hearts the showcase in her “3rd Hour of Today” segment, “Through a Mom’s Eyes.” She recently shared insights from NBA star Kevin Durant's mother and Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga's mom, who is heavily involved in her daughter's mental health causes and her charitable foundation.

Sheinelle Jones had serious news about herself to share on February 20. The “Today” co-host will be away from TV screens and talking about the latest headlines for several weeks after surgery to remove a pesky polyp on her vocal cord. This morning, February 21, Sheinelle’s buddies around the “3rd Hour Today” table sent her off with everything she’ll need for a completely quiet and restful recovery.

Talking got troublesome for Sheinelle Jones

The favorite morning people on “Today” are a hearty bunch. Veteran weatherman and senior mentor, Al Roker, visited via video chat with his colleagues and fans just a day after his hip replacement surgery. Around the same time, co-anchor Savannah Guthrie discovered she had been working with pneumonia.

“Today” meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer, fulfilled her duties until right before her due date for her second son, Oliver George. These guys and gals demonstrate their work ethic.

The off-camera friendship between the co-hosts was made clear when Sheinelle rushed to give Dylan Dreyer a much-needed “mommy break” during a fussy period with her newborn.

Sheinelle Jones was busy at work a few years ago, as she described when she started clearing her throat more than a few times. A producer insisted that Jones see an ENT specialist, and sure enough, there was a polyp. Vocal therapy sessions were begun twice a week, along with home exercises for the busy mom. Vocal cord polyps usually make news when they arise for singers or stage performers, but talking for a living can also provoke issues.

Sheinelle Jones shared her ENT specialist visit and the view of her vocal cords with viewers on Thursday, pointing out the left side polyp. “For a while, it went away, but now it's back, and they need to do something more.” The lesion will be surgically removed, and Sheinelle Jones is trying to look at the prescription for two weeks of total silence as “a little bit of grace.”

The tiny problem for Sheinelle Jones provoked anxiety

Vocal cord polyps are so tiny on camera, but Sheinelle Jones started to really feel the big pinch in how the problem was infringing on her life.

She couldn't go to her “girls’ brunches” for mimosas since champagne irritated the polyp. Even worse was that the faithful and extremely professional news journalist became more and more anxious about even doing stories on camera.

The devoted mom had to do more than explain the surgery on a child's level to her children, she quickly learned. She started her talk with twin daughter, Clara, by explaining why mommy had to do all the vocal practice. She then proceeded to say that the tiny polyp was a problem and that doctors were going to “cut it out.” Instantly, Clara was struck with fear, and exclaimed, “They’re going to cut you!” Sheinelle Jones shifted to a revised approach with her boys, not mentioning any cutting, but just that the surgery would make mommy’s problem better.

No one thrives on exuberance and playful conversation like Sheinelle Jones, whether with her kids or her co-hosts. She confesses that she doesn't really know how she is going to manage two full weeks of not talking, not exercising, and not even clearing her throat unless absolutely necessary. She noted that she had gotten a hotel room, but surely going speechless is bound to be a challenge.

Sheinelle Jones gets treated to an ample supply of get-well goodies

What do you get for a lady not allowed to say a word? The “3rd Hour of Today” friends thought of everything possible to bring Sheinelle Jones a sense of comfort in her recovery. Inside a huge basket, each co-host contributed a personal gift.

Al Roker offered warm sticky buns from a favorite bakery, a whiteboard, and markers. Maria Shriver gave the therapeutic value of coloring books and a supply of brand-new colored pencils to calm Sheinelle’s anxiety from complete silence. Craig Melvin was absent from “Today” this morning but sent along a journal, a pen, and a private personal note. Willie Geist gave an assortment of teas and a “Sunday Today” mug.

Dylan Dreyer went so far as to call Sheinelle’s mom to dig for what her daughter might really want most.

She looked everywhere for sunflower pajamas, but it's not the season for sunny blossoms, on cloth or from the ground. She settled for dreamy cloud PJs to let Sheinelle Jones snooze and rest at ease.

Six weeks will probably seem like forever to Sheinelle Jones, but it's a small price to pay for regaining a full life, both professionally and personally. Hugs and kisses, and even dances, communicate love without words, and this lady of morning sunshine surely feels love and faith all around her.