"90 Day Fiance" fans finally saw Mursel and Anna marry in last week's episode. Recall that he left her at one stage and returned to Turkey as his parents didn't like Anna's kids. Very traditional, they hassled him and he chose them over Anna. But he returned to the USA and they married. One of Anna's kids and her mom didn't attend the wedding. But little Leo gave a toast, and it seems that he loves Mursel a lot. In a question and answer on Instagram, Anna also revealed that she plans on living in Turkey with Mursel.

Tell-All part one on '90 Day Fiance' features Anna and Mursel

ET Online brought out an exclusive preview of Monday's first part of the Tell-All. Fans will see Anna crying and the other cast all emotional as they review Mursel leaving for Turkey. The tears start up when it gets to her son Leo asking him why he didn't just tell his parents he wouldn't leave his mom for them. Well, as fans know, they married after he returned from Turkey even though Anna's mom and Joey didn't attend. Joey really does not like Mursel. But, little Leo seems to love him a lot.

In her questions and answer session on Instagram on Thursday night, Anna received questions about Leo. So, she let him speak out his own answers.

Remember that cute toast he gave Mursel and his mom at the wedding? Well, it was all his own idea and his own words. The little star of "90 Day Fiance" also treasures his new father-figure. When a fan asked," are happy that your mom got married?" Leo sounded super-excited.

Leo loves Mursel so much, explains why

Anna Campisi's Instagram's flagged as private for downloading her Stories.

But, Leo said, "Yes, because Mursel plays soccer with me and he also helps me with my problems." The cute little guy also noted, "He's kinda good." Awww. Well, that's really sweet and at least Mursel knows he captured at least one heart in Anna's family. In another Story, Anna agreed that Mursel's closest to Leo of all her kids.

The "90 Day Fiance" star shares another common bond with Leo as they both enjoy American pizzas. But it looks like when Leo gets a bit older, his new father-figure might not be around to spend time with him as a young adult. That's because Anna said that she's considering moving across to Turkey to live.

Anna says she plans on moving to Turkey when the kids get older

One "90 Day Fiance" fan asked Anna about living in Turkey. They wrote, "would you ever live in Turkey when the kids are older?" Well, it seems the couple already considered that. Anna seems very definite as she replied, "Yes!! I plan on it!" Actually, Anna seems very taken with Turkey. One fan asked her about going there on a vacation.

Anna told them, "I love Turkey! Go." She added, "it's inexpensive to visit...And the most beautiful place I've been to."

What do you think about Anna maybe moving to Turkey with Mursel in the future? Do you think it's nice for Mursel and Leo that in the meantime, he plays a father-figure roll in Leo's life? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section.

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