Paolo Mayfield has remained active on social media since moving on from TLC’s "90 Day Fiancé." The Colombian star moved to Florida where she has been pursuing a modeling career. She is still married to Russ Mayfield and the couple had their first child last year. Paolo has a large following on Instagram and often post pictures revealing her gorgeous body. However, some fans have expressed their displeasure at the reality star’s social media activity.

Fans on Paolo Mayfield's picture

While replying to her posts, some fans are of the opinion that she sometimes takes her modeling pictures too far.

They think that the 32-year-old model is only seeking attention. According to In Touch Weekly, Paolo often works out and many times in her posts she is usually half-naked. Fans feel that the Colombian reality star has nothing to prove and she should not feel compelled to show off her body. Others have even suggested that her behavior on the social media site is disrespectful to her husband.

The reality star has taken notice of the criticism about her Instagram posts and she has clapped back at her critics. She took to Instagram to defend herself from the criticism she has been receiving. Paolo says that posting the pictures is a way of showing off the results from her workouts. The 32-year-old adds that her intention when posting the pictures is to motivate people to work out and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Paolo is not ashamed of her body and she is comfortable posting the photographs. On the claims that she does not respect her husband, the reality star revealed that Russ approves of her posts and even takes some of the pictures she shares with her fans.

Modeling career

However, Russ did not always approve of her modeling career.

The two clashed when she moved to Miami to pursue her career. He had to go along with her decision since he had just lost his job. Russ has since accepted his wife’s career choice and has been supportive of her decisions. Some fans have come to Paolo’s defense, saying that nobody had forced her critics to follow her. Her supporters feel that she is an adult capable of making her own decisions.

This is not the first time the reality star has caused a controversy on social media.

In the past, she has posted pictures showing her breastfeeding her son. She said she wanted to fight the stigma associated with public breastfeeding. Some Instagram users did not agree with her decision to post the picture. They felt that breastfeeding was an intimate activity between a mother and her child and there was no need for her to expose herself in public. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "90 Day Fiance."