"Sister Wives" fans know that off the TLC screen, Meri Brown's a fun and positive personality. Over on Instagram, countless photos and stories project her life as a pretty good one. But on the show, fans often see a miserable Meri. In the current season, fans saw her really upset as she got pressured out of her Flagstaff home by neighbors. Fans wondered if that scene showed that really happened. But now, Janelle Brown denied any of it got scripted.

Fans of 'Sister Wives' felt for Meri Brown when she left her Flagstaff home

During the premiere of the show this month, fans saw Meri both angry and upset about being pushed out of her home.

But, at the same time, on her Instagram, she presents a very happy personality. As reported in June last year, she often interacts and even plays games with her followers. The contrast between the vibrant, smiling person on Instagram, and TLC's show sometimes confuses fans.

Naturally, some fans wonder if the "Sister Wives" show's all edited and scripted so Meri just looks miserable. In fact, US Weekly reported that Meri really looked "all choked up." So, on social media, when fans heard Meri left her home in Flagstaff, many people felt sorry for her. The neighbors complained because Meri lives a polygamous lifestyle. Needing a place to stay, none of the other wives helped her with a bed. So, she returned temporarily to Las Vegas.

Janelle Brown talks about the 'Sister Wives' scene not being scripted

Over on her Instagram four days ago, Janelle shared a post to remind viewers to check-in and watch the new episode. That episode showed Meri returning to Flagstaff. She cried because the other wives were reluctant to assist her to move in. Janelle and Robyn suggested she get in professional movers.

Between the other wives not offering Meri a bed, and then their reluctance to help her move fans grew sorry for her all over again.

However, some fans really wonder just how much of the drama surround Meri is scripted. So, one "Sister Wives" fan asked Janelle, "was that all for real ....or set up to make a little drama?" Well, Janelle replied, "@nonnajoanie For real." If being chased out the house really was for real, then naturally fans wonder why the other wives didn't help out with Meri needing a bed.

Janelle already explained why the wives never helped Meri with a bed

Over on Twitter, where the "Sister Wives" cast hangs around interacting with their fans, Janelle answered the critics after Meri left town. She explained, "Meri runs a business that takes a lot of room and we have all moved into smaller homes compared to what we had. The bedrooms are full. We didn’t have an option #sisterwives."

What do you think about Meri getting chased out of her Flagstaff home?

Did you think that perhaps it was all scripted for the ratings? According to Janelle Brown, it all happened in real life.

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