Part of why Lady Gaga is so loved by legions of fans of all genders, hues, and hearts across the globe is because the multi-talented singer-songwriter is indeed motherly, and truthfully, anything but a monster. Her openness and honesty in songs like “Joanne” and “Till It Happens to You” resonate to the souls of listeners because Lady Gaga herself is willing to wear her heart on her sleeve, and she understands the power of healing through being vulnerable.

Lady Gaga was absolutely glittering in white for her performance at the Elton John Grammy salute, but she is continually courageous in showing the rigors and the painful extremes that happen behind the scenes to make the unforgettable stage and Super Bowl moments possible.

She lovingly included Elton John as “family,” and clearly, she feels that loyal fans deserve to be treated with the love and honesty of family, too.

Lady Gaga depicted her daily routines of physical therapy and treatments in coping with her fibromyalgia in her documentary “Five Foot Two.” She was equally heartfelt and honest when she offered an open message to fans after being forced to cancel remaining shows of her Joanne Tour in February. She understands the mind-body connection and collaboration to wellness in a closer sense than any other artist, so it’s no wonder that the star performer is putting herself out front, along with her Born This Way Foundation, for the #BeKindBeTheDifference campaign in promotion of Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

Making a person-to-person difference

As reported by Elite Daily on May 1, Lady Gaga intends to make her partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health mean much more than writing a check. The combined partnership of the initiatives for mental health aims to teach people the basics of Mental Health First Aid, which is a very real and vital program in these troubled times.

The groundbreaking and realistic situational courses offered in numerous locales nationwide, and are not intended to make any volunteer equipped to diagnose or earn a doctorate in psychology. The purpose is to teach employees, volunteers, or other interested students how to recognize a mental health, suicide, or substance abuse crisis, and how to provide the initial response until qualified help intervenes.

The first few minutes of a mental health break down can be the most crucial in preventing a life or death crises. Lady Gaga has already been part of training 150,000 in Mental Health First Aid in the United States through the Born This Way Foundation, and over one million people have participated in the program. The collaboration with the council strives to significantly move the figures up. Statistics reveal that one in five adults in the US are currently living with a mental illness, and the number of lives impacted is far greater, as every family member and friend is changed through such diagnosis.

The word “transformative” is used to describe the training on the official website for Mental Health First Aid.

Countless fans would use the same word to apply to Lady Gaga's artistry and music. Any effort to bring authentic, personal intervention and hope to this area of health that has been shrouded in wrongful stigma for far too long is critically needed, and this program has numbers to prove its validity.

A Broadway bonus

Participants who take the pledge to complete the course in Mental Health First Aid for the #BeKindBeTheDifference campaign will be entered into a contest to see Broadway's “Dear Evan Hansen,” including two tickets and some very privileged perks. Winners will meet the cast backstage and share a dinner with Cynthia Germanotta, co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation, and Lady Gaga's mom.

The title character of the production suffers from severe social anxiety, and the story of “Dear Evan Hansen” unfolds as he learns to manage life and his feelings after the suicide of a classmate. That dinner conversation is certain to be filled with love and lively stories, and more importantly, ending with people making a genuine difference in so many hurting lives. Nothing could be a better dessert. Fans are already snagging tickets for Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residency set for this fall, and her lengthy stay should be the sweetest treat of all.