Kylie Jenner's grief over Kobe Bryant's death may have just landed her in some big trouble with Blac Chyna. Kylie was so distraught hearing the horrific news of Kobe's death it led to a post about taking her niece Dream Kardashian and her daughter Stormi on a November helicopter ride in the same chopper with the pilot who was flying Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and 7 other passengers on Sunday.

According to People, Blac Chyna is very angry about hearing that Kylie Jenner took her daughter for the helicopter ride without her knowledge or permission.

Chyna's attorney Lynne Ciani released a statement revealing "No parents should find out after-the-fact that their child has participated in an activity without their permission."

Kylie Jenner did not get Blac Chyna's ok to take daughter Dream on the helicopter ride

Kylie shared the photos on her Instagram, revealing that Dream was taken on the helicopter ride for her third birthday. The 30-minute chopper ride included a flight over the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee. This could potentially mean some big trouble for Jenner, especially considering the nasty custody battle that Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been engaged in recently.

Blac Chyna angered by Rob Kardashian custody attempt

As previously reported, Rob Kardashian is fighting for primary custody of Dream and has made some pretty harsh accusations against Blac Chyna in hopes of winning the custody battle.

The accusations, according to Rob, include Chyna partying day and night in front of the couple's young daughter. There have also been accusations of violence, drug use, and questionable adult activities going on in front of the toddler. Rob also complained in his court documents that Dream's hygiene has been neglected while with her mother and she often shows up at his home with "dirty teeth and nails and messy unkempt hair."

Blac Chyna sends condolences to crash victims families

With Chyna involving her lawyer in the matter, she could potentially use the information in court against Rob Kardashian in hopes of keeping him from gaining the primary custody he is going after.

It has been one battle after the next over the past few years between Rob and Chyna, especially where their daughter Dream is concerned.

Rob wants to do everything in his power to see that she is well taken care of and is willing to go the distance in court should the need arise. Kylie Jenner's post about Kobe Bryant's death could provide Blac Chyna with just the ammunition she needs to use against Rob in future court hearings.

People also added that Chyna's lawyer claims that she is "distraught" over the incident and spoke firmly with Rob Kardashian insisting that it will "never happen again"

Blac Chyna was not without heart though, and according to her lawyer, sent her heartfelt prayers and condolences to all of the families impacted by Sunday's tragic accident. It was also reported that the Kardashians and Jenners had yet to respond to People Magazine's request for comment.