Rob Kardashian is pulling no punches when it comes to fighting his ex-Blac Chyna for custody of the couple's 3-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian. In fact, he wants primary custody of the toddler and has some accusations proving why he should have it.

Rob Kardashian reportedly claims that he is in fear for his daughter's safety when she is with Blac Chyna. According to TMZ reports, Rob feels that Dream may potentially be placed in dangerous situations when with Chyna. Kardashian claims that Chyna is participating in some questionable activities in front of her children.

Rob Kardashian will stop at nothing to gain custody of daughter

Kardashian claims he has information revealing that Chyna is constantly throwing house parties at her residence, and it is getting too out of control. He claims that he even has information that recently that there was even an incident involving chasing house guests with a knife, according to TMZ. Rob is just not comfortable with his daughter spending so much time at Chyna's despite having a nanny on hand.

Court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that he has plenty of witnesses in his corner that can back up his allegations, one, in particular, his older sister Khloe Kardashian. The court paperwork claims that Robert feels Chyna may have a problem with alcohol.

He states that his ex has paries on the regular, even inviting in random strangers.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian face-off

He also alleges that Chyna is drunk all the time. A former employee of Chyna's allegedly claims that the singer could be spending $600 nearly every day on alcohol and that she can put away an entire bottle of Hennessy herself.

Other shocking allegations mentioned in the court documents reveal that Chyna tends to get very violent with her party guests, uses cocaine, and has a horrific temper hurling objects at her employees, as reported by TMZ.

The report goes on to state that Blac Chyna is a bad influence on Dream, who, according to Kardashian, is beginning to mock her mother's behaviors.

Rob states that Dream has started twerking while unclothed and acting out several questionable positions as well as bad language. When asked where she learned to do that, Dream replied from "watching mommy."

It has also been documented at the courts that Dream's hygiene is being neglected, and has arrived at her father's home with "dirty teeth, nails, and messy, unkempt hair." Khloe Kardashian added that she has noticed that Dream now has a very aggressive personality and recently became physical with a member of her gymnastics class members.

Rob Kardashian is asking for primary custody as well as requesting that Blac Chyna be ordered to submit to drug and alcohol testing 30 minutes before Dream is to see Chyna.

He also requests that full-time nanny supervise all interactions and have the authority at her discretion to shut down visits Dream and Chyna if she deems so.

So far, Blac Chyna has not commented publicly about Rob Kardashian's allegations and the quest for primary custody. However, being it is Blac Chyna, we have to guess her response will not be pleasant. This very well may be one of the nastiest court battles for the Kardashian family yet.