Kylie Jenner had a fun-filled 2019 and everybody knows that. Whether you are a fan or not, you must have seen all the trends that revolved around her. First of all, we couldn't get enough of her cute 22-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster, who she shares with celebrity rapper, Travis Scott.

Stormi amazed us when she appeared in a video that Kylie posted, where she said, "mommy bridge" after her mother said "rise and shine". The "rise and shine" memes flooded Twitter and later, Kris Jenner bought Stormi a life-sized playhouse, worth millions of dollars.

As if it wasn't enough, fans thought they heard Stormi say "birkin," in the playhouse video.

A look back on Kylie Jenner 2019

According to Glamour, Kylie Jenner was voted the youngest self-made millionaire by Forbes. She also sold fifty percent of her Kylie Cosmetic products to Coty for $600 million. She also broke up with the father of her child, after cheating allegations. They agreed to be on good terms and take care of their little child. Rumors spread that she is back with her ex, Tyga or dating Drake.

Kylie Jenner takes photos at her party

Kylie Jenner really dressed to kill at her New Year's Eve party. The mother of one wore a sequin design. She shared photos of her on Instagram.

In the first photo, the fashion mogul held her phone close to her head, pretending to be in pain, and the second photo was her screaming, with her hands holding her chest.

The photo was to illustrate how the tequila had made her feel so good. She captioned the photo, "when the tequila hits."

According to E Online, the reality star celebrated the New Year's Eve with her close friends, Yris Palmer and Zach Bia in Los Angeles hotspot Delilah. Kylie filmed herself counting down with friends at midnight as they approached the New Year.

She kissed her friends and that was it. There was no guy with her.

Meanwhile, her ex, Travis Scott, was at his New Year's Eve bash where he took pictures with his friend, The Weeknd. Kylie was spotted leaving the party but fans trust that they had no disagreement if they crossed paths because Travis mentioned that he has so much love for the mother of his daughter.

The self-made millionaire said that she did not expect anything that happened in 2019, and she felt very honored to have been recognized for a lot of things last year. She said that even if she never asked or foresaw everything that has happened, she is still very happy and it has motivated her to do more. Kylie is very passionate about her baby girl, Stormi and she continues to take cute photos of her child and post them.

2019 was such a fortunate year for the beauty expert, we can't wait to see what this year holds for her.

Note that excess use of alcohol can lead to addiction and health issues. Blasting News does not endorse the over-consumption of alcohol like tequila, so please drink responsibly.