The video of Stormi Webster receiving her Christmas gift from her grandmother has made the entire Twitterverse crazy.

Kris Jenner gave her granddaughter, Stormi, a life-sized playhouse that cost millions of dollars. In the video, they showed Stormi walking into her dream playhouse. She was clearly delighted.

Kris started crying in the video, and when Kylie Jenner asked her about it, she explained that the playhouse was almost what Kylie grew up in, and she wanted her granddaughter to also grow up in it. She said that she linked up with the old lady that sold it to her when she wanted it for Kylie.

She asked the woman to redo all the furniture so that she could gift her beautiful granddaughter, Stormi.

She also said that she hoped Kylie Jenner has beautiful memories with her 22-month-old child just like she had memories with Kylie. The video ended after the child said "Merry Christmas."

Kris Jenner gifted her toddler a huge playhouse

After the video was released, fans went crazy. A lot of them expressed disappointment implying that the Kardashian's would prefer to spend unnecessarily than help the poor.

It seems like the video has been rewatched so many times by viewers that they began noticing something Stormi said in the video.

Stormi said "Birkin?" in the Playhouse video, according to viewers.

According to Metro UK, when Kylie asked her daughter to guess the surprise she had for her, she guessed "Birkin?" In the YouTube vlog, she asked, 'Birkin?' The 22-year-old fashion mogul repeated in amusement, saying, "She said, The Birkins!"

It's no secret that the Reality star, Kylie Jenner, owns many Hermés handbags - created in honor of Jane Birkin - littering the purse closet of her $12.05 million, eight-room, Hidden Hills mansion.

A Twitter user tried to explain that maybe Stormi meant "Burkens," from a movie she loves to watch titled "Trolls." Yet, many fans are not convinced, but, it would be very realistic to think this way. Some fans doubted as "Burkens" were the villains in the movie, and no child would want them.

Stormi's first purse would be a Birkin

Kylie has already stated that she would gift Stormi her old purse.

Last year, the 22-year-old said that the purse was given to her by her half-sister, Kourtney Jenner, and it was worth $30k.

North West wore a $10k Birkin bag

Although little Stormi got a playhouse instead, her cousin North West wore a white Birkin bag to her father's new Opera, "Mary," at David Geffen Hall in Manhattan.

If the 64-year-old grandmom heard what Kylie's daughter said, then she would be very proud because she has a "Need money for Birkin" neon sculpture by artist Beau Dunn where she showcases her Birkin collection.