Chris Brown became a father again on November 20, 2019. He announced it in an Instagram post where he held a baby with a caption, "11-20-19."

The mother of the child, Ammika, also shared on her Instagram a picture of the baby saying she fell in love the first time she saw her baby. They named their baby boy, Aeko. Chris and Ammika started their relationship in 2015 and broke up a few months after Chris Brown's allegations. Although Ammika supported him, the two broke up after.

Chris Brown tries to avoid jealousy between his children

Chris has been paying a lot of attention to his newborn, Aeko Brown.

Aeko is not his first child as he has a five-year-old daughter, Royalty, from his ex, Nia Amey.

Chris has been putting effort into making sure that Royalty does not get jealous of her baby brother.

The singer went crazy on Christmas for his daughter. He took her to Disneyland, and when they came back, he bought so many gifts and toys for her. He also obtained his five-year-old daughter a designer purse with a stack of money in it. Her father posted a video, and her facial expression when she saw her gifts was priceless. Royalty asked her father for a Balenciaga, and he got it for her.

So far, Royalty has been nothing but proud to be a big sister as Chris shared a video of her changing her baby brother's diaper.

The 30-year-old is a devoted father; he takes time out for his children. He loves to talk about them.

Photos of Aeko show his rapid growth

The 26-year-old recent mother, Ammika, took to Instagram to share photos of her six weeks old baby boy.

Aeko has grown more than we expected as he looks super adorable in these photos. Her hands are on his chest, and he gazes upon the camera.

He looks happy.

She captioned it, "AEKO!!!! He thinks he's a big boy now", the mother of one captioned the photo along with a heart emoji.

Ammika and the "No Guidance" singer love to show us pictures of their baby.

The mother further showed off her beautiful baby in a video of the little guy laying in a onesie. His father's hit song, " With You" was playing in the background.

Ammika took a lyric from the song, saying, "You mean what I mean to you, and together, baby, there's nothing we won't do."

Ammika Harris said her baby can talk now

Aeko is not up to two months but, Ammika said that he is beginning to talk. She bragged to her nearly 700k followers that her beautiful baby is starting to talk

Although Chris Brown is no longer with Ammika, he promised to take care of her, financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Chris Brown talks about his life being complete

The celebrity singer is happy to have his newborn. He said that he feels complete as he has a daughter and a son now. He is also at the top of his career.