TLC reality star Kate Gosselin has been fired! The TLC network has terminated its contract with the mother of eight leaving her without her major means of income. According to Hollywood News Daily Kate was forced to reveal her termination back on December 19 during her court appearance with ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin takes a direct hit to bank account

Gosselin at that time was also found in contempt of court and ordered to pay Jon Gosselin $1500 in legal fees, plus an addiction $25,000 for past legal fees from a prior court case. Now for the big question, where does this leave the reality star?

Gosselin news followers are well aware that Kate has become accustomed to a certain higher standard lifestyle following the success of her past reality television shows.

The reality series has also given her the opportunity to branch out a bit, including television appearances, hosting gigs and as an author. That being said, fans are well aware that Kate's major source of income came from her reality series. This loss of income could prove to be quite devastating for the mom of eight.

Jon thrilled there will be no more reality television

The Gosselins already have two children, twins, Mady and Cara in college and the sextuplets are well on their way at age 15. Should Kate turn away from reality television all together she does have a nursing degree to fall back on.

However, the return to nursing would be quite a rude awakening to Kate's bank account.

Kate Gosselin's termination has to be yet another little victory in the eyes of Jon Gosselin. Jon has been in continuous court battles with his ex since their divorce over custody of the children. He has also been fighting Kate over the filming of the kids.

As "Jon & Kate Plus 8" viewers are well aware from watching the TLC series, Kate Gosselin wore the pants in the family always ordering Jon and the kids around.

Kate's diabolical bossiness carried over through each season and series. In the past, there have even been rumors of alleged abuse of the children at the hands of Kate and her harsh parental ways.

Over the years, as previously reported, there were multiple child abuse claims filed against her many by ex- Jon Gosselin.

In 2016 Kate Gosselin appeared on "Good Morning America" to defend herself against the abuse accusations. The former TLC star admitted that she has been investigated by CPS several times and all of the accusations were 'unfounded.' Despite her claim of innocence over the years, she has often been compared to late movie star Joan Crawford also known as "Mommie Dearest" by her daughter Christina Crawford.

Some of the allegations and comparisons between Kate Gosselin and Joan Crawford are downright frightening to hear. However, as stated before Kate Gosselin has not been found guilty of child abuse.

The Gosselin family's life story has remained an interesting one at that. It is often predicted that one day in the future that some if not all of Kate and Jon Gosselin's will pen their life story revealing the truth about growing up a Gosselin.

Until then, it looks as if Kate and Jon Gosselin are going to have a lot on their plates when it comes to raising their eight children minus a reality show paycheck. Hopefully, Kate has socked away a hefty rainy day fund for such an emergency.