Kate Gosselin blames the tabloids for printing reports of child abuse from her son Collin Gosselin. The Reality TV mom of "Kate Plus 8" is also furious that the media keeps bringing up her several Child Protective Services investigations. Kate has denied abusing the children and that should finish it, the single mom of sextuplets told Dr. Oz. Kate's also worried that accusations are making her ill. The reality television star fears for her other children and wants the media to leave them alone. The irony is that the reality TV mom gets paid by TLC to put her kids in the media every week.

Why won't Kate Gosselin let son come home?

The reality television mom never specified what Collin did that was bad enough to put one of her sextuplets in a minimum security mental hospital. She says he tested her and has anger issues over her divorce from dad Jon Gosselin. Mom doesn't say what Collin has to do to come home except learn to "be the best Collin he can be." She didn't mention that several patients' families have reported safety concerns and dangerous lack of inmate control at his "school." Ms. Gosselin never addressed why she didn't include the boy's father in the decision, won't tell dad where his son is, and only told her ex about the incarceration after the fact. Some suggest Collin is being used as leverage against dad and punished for being the squeaky wheel.

Child abuse: Kate Gosselin's word against son's

An unnamed staffer said that Collin reported being abused by his mom. No one has heard Collin's version of the story but Kate has told hers many times. She repeatedly denies hurting the kids except in the normal way parents do. Child abuse experts say that's often what an abusive parent would do--deny it and shift blame.

Kate says she's been investigated before but when Radar Online tried to access those public records, reporters were refused. The "Kate Plus 8" mom wishes the media would leave them alone so they can get on with the show. Kate's lost fans who see hypocrisy in exploiting media fame--as Octomom did--then faulting it when it gives you bad press.

They've suggested that if she wants privacy, Gosselin should stay out of the public eye.

Is Kate Gosselin abusing kids?

She says no, at least not in the strictest sense of the word. The mom of 8 has been shown yelling and admits to making mistakes, having a temper, being very controlling, spanking kids with a spoon, and making her young son miss his birthday party. Are those acts of child abuse? Corporal punishment is sometimes defined as such. Experts would argue that keeping a tween child locked up in a pysch hospital could constitute neglect. Making him miss special family events might be called cruel. Many say parading the children on reality television all their lives, on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and now "Kate Plus 8" is poor parenting, and maybe emotional abuse. Some have suggested that it's Kate's cagey hedging that fuels rumors of abuse.