Oh no she didn't?! Kate Gosselin put her daughter Hannah in the hospital after allegedly violently assaulting the sextuplet. She yanked the teen out of dad Jon Gosselin's car then called the cops on him. The "Kate Plus 8" star had to be escorted away by police a few days ago for warring with Jon. Gosselin has been battling his ex to get her to abide by his court-ordered custody rights. If the reality television mom keeps it up she'll lose what control she has as Jon is fighting to extend his custody rights.

New child abuse investigation for Kate Gosselin?

Child Protective Services may have to get involved in this latest fracas. According to a police report, Hannah Gosselin wanted to stay with her father. But the "Kate Plus 8" celebrity mom was having none of it. She blew up and tried to drag the girl to her own car. The only place Hannah ended up going was to the hospital. When police arrived, the teen said her arm hurt from the wrenching and so they took her to the emergency room. If that's not child abuse, it's hard to know what is. But Kate has beat CPS raps before.

What caused the Gosselins' fights?

Would you believe, the ex "Jon and Kate Plus 8" parents were quarreling over who would pick a kid up from the orthodontist visit?

That was on Aug. 15 and it involved the police. The "Kate Plus 8" mom must have been in quite a temper as she had to be escorted away while Jon took the child home (at her request). Some might fault the father of 8 for calling the cops. But it turns out that the ex-TLC celeb was right to be concerned. Just a week later, Kate manhandled her 13-year-old.

When will Jon and Kate get it together?

You'd think Gosselin would have done something to prevent his wife using his daughter like a ragdoll. But he seems wrapped about as tightly as Kate (which is to say not at all). Now it doesn't seem so odd that Mady and Cara Gosselin slammed their "absent dad" on TV. Look at the venom their mom has taught them.

The "Kate Plus 8" star applauded the girls for calling out their dad. Seriously, almost 10 years after the divorce, isn't it time for these childish adults to grow up?

Kate Gosselin above the law?

Does Gosselin thinks she's a law unto herself? That seems to be a reality show epidemic. The Duggar family of "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" have consistently put themselves on a pedestal, especially regarding Josh Duggar. The "Kate Plus 8" star repeatedly violates her husband's visitation rights. Since "Jon & Kate Plus 8" split in 2009, the dad only sees his kids when Kate allows, some not at all and never all at the same time. Jon denies the Mady Gosselin claims that he keeps away from them, saying they are kept from him.

What about Collin Gosselin?

So all this drama from the supermom of Reality TV begs some questions she's never fully answered. Whatever happened to Collin Gosselin? Remember him, the missing sextuplet? He's not been seen on "Kate Plus 8" since well before the sextuplets' 12th birthday. Kate Gosselin had him shipped off to a special school which turned out to be a sort of juvenile detention cum live-in mental hospital. Kate never specified what the problem was only that he was obstinate and challenged her (as any healthy teen will). Jon Gosselin wasn't given a say in or even notification of the placement.