Rod Stewart and son Sean Stewart have been charged with criminal battery as a result of a physical altercation that went down on New Year's Eve at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. According to TMZ reports the entire Stewart family was at the upscale hotel to ring in the New Year.

TMZ reveals that the police report obtained states that a security guard by the name of Jessie Dixon was standing watch over a children's area located at the hotel which was hosting a private event. The report claims that Rod Stewart and his family made an attempt to enter into the private event area without authorization and Dixon put a stop to it.

Rod Stewart still has a lot of pep for 74

This is where things took a fast and ugly turn according to police reports. When Dixon failed to allow Rod and company into the area he claims the group became very loud. Next Rod Stewart's son Sean, 39, squared up with Dixon nose to nose. When Dixon placed his hand on Sean's chest to back him off he also claims Sean became physical, forcefully shoving him.

Next thing he knew Rod Stewart, 74, jumped into the mix throwing a punch to Jessie Dixon's left rib cage area. The entire act was caught on hotel surveillance video and according to the police documents, Rod and Sean Stewart seem to be the aggressors in the situation. Rod settled down a bit and spoke with officers telling them that Mr.

Dixon had become rude and argumentative with his family.

Stewart altercation caught on tape

A hotel event staffer witnessed the altercation confirming the security guard's story that upon warning the Stewarts that they were unauthorized to enter the private event area and asking them politely to leave that Rod and Sean became both verbally and physically combative causing a scene.

There were two other witnesses, both employees of the hotel who were also questioned and issued notices to appear in court.

People magazine was the first to report the story and added that Jessie Dixon fully intends on pressing charges against Rod and Sean Stewart. For now, Rod and Sean have both been charged with misdemeanor battery and have been given February 5 court dates.

Sean Stewart has a history of violent altercations. In 2002, he was sentenced to three months in jail after kicking an unconscious person outside of a Los Angeles restaurant. In 2007 he was arrested for allegedly throwing bricks at a couple who denied him entrance to a party.

As for Rod Stewart, the "Maggie May" hitmaker is relatively mellow. He was arrested in the '60s on three occasions for joining protest sit-ins for nuclear disarmament. At this time Rod has not commented on the Breaker's Hotel incident. However, a source close to Rod Stewart called the situation a "brief misunderstanding for which they have apologized for."