Cameron Diaz, 47, and husband Benji Madden have announced the birth of their secret baby daughter. 2020 is starting off to be a big year of changes for Cameron and Benji with their surprise baby announcement. Don't expect to hear too many details on the Madden's new bundle of joy, the couple has already stated they plan to lead a very private family life.

Cameron Diaz becomes mom at 47

Here is what we do know according to E!. The baby girl's name is Raddix Madden. The happy new parents shared the news via Instagram stating: "Happy New Year from the Maddens.

We are so happy blessed and grateful to begin this new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter Raddix Madden. She has instantly captured our hearts and completed our family."

Cameron Diaz plans to keep baby Madden out of the public eye

The couple went on to state that they would no be sharing any further information or pictures to protect their baby, As it stands for now all we know besides her name is that mom and dad claim she is "Very Cute" calling her "Rad." It is not known as to when the baby was born, so at this point, she could be days old, or months old.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden went on to wish everyone a Happy New Year before ending their surprising post. Keeping the baby news under wraps really comes as no surprise to fans.

The couple has led a pretty lowkey life together since 2014 when they first began dating. Cameron and Benji tied the knot in January 2015.

The couple, though speaking of having children claims they never put any pressure on themselves to do. Diaz stated during an interview with Chelsea Handler that she knew the time would come when it was meant to one way or another.

Since their marriage, Diaz has kept a lowkey role in Hollywood choosing marriage over career. She is best known for her films "There's Something About Mary," "Charlie's Angels" and "Shrek."

Before finding her soulmate in Benji Madden, Cameron Diaz dated several well-known Celebrities which included Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Sean Combs, and ARod to name a few.

Diaz stated that as soon as she met Benji she knew there was something "special about him."

Madden seems to have found his happily ever after also in Cameron Diaz. Over the years he has been linked with Sophie Monk, Paris Hilton, and Holly Madison. Benji Madden is best known as a member of the rock band Good Charlotte, and now performs with his twin brother Joel Madden in a group titled The Madden Brothers.

Fans are a little disappointed to hear that Cameron and Benji will not be sharing photos of baby Raddix anytime in the near future if at all, but, you can bet that will not stop some of the more aggressive paparazzi from attempting to obtain the first look.