Cameron Diaz has been noticeably off from the spotlight for years. Most of her fans became curious about what was the reason behind the Hiatus. In one of her latest interviews, the 44-year old Hollywood star finally shared her reasons amid her decisions to take off from Hollywood in the meantime. According to her, she decided to step out from the spotlight since she has reached the point where she knows less of herself already.

Since 2014, the "Charlie's Angels" actress was no longer seen on the big screen. Apparently, Diaz admitted that she deliberately made such decision to cut back from work in order for her to give more time for herself.

While speaking to the Goop Wellness Summit, Diaz revealed, “I just went, ‘I can’t really say who I am to myself."

Diaz talks about relationships

Despite her hiatus from the spotlight, it is good to know that the Hollywood actress is now happily married to her husband, Benji Madden. During the interview, the actress was also asked on what has kept her so long to get married. Diaz answered that she hadn't met her husband yet before. She further explained that what she wanted long before was a real husband and not just an ordinary boyfriend.

In addition, she also revealed that she is very much happy with Madden since both of them share the same values in their relationship. She added that she never been loved this way and she is happy knowing that her husband works so hard for her.

She feels really, really lucky.

Family goals

With her latest interview, Diaz has finally cleared out her reasons for choosing to be away from the spotlight. She has been blessed with a very loving husband; and more importantly, Diaz became part of a very close family. The Hollywood actress further revealed that she had never loved someone else like how she did with Madden.

Every time she looks at her husband, Diaz just couldn't deny the fact how her husband inspires her to go on with life.

She also added that both of them rely on each other's strengths and they complement each other better. Apparently, this is one of the reasons behind her hiatus on TV. Nonetheless, fans are still hoping that she will be making a huge come back soon.

Somehow, it has been anticipated that her latest appearance will also mean that her fans will be seeing more of her both on TV and on movies. Diaz is simply one of the most popular Hollywood stars who marked a great name in the film industry. Despite the hiatus, fans are still happy knowing that she is living her life fully.