"90 Day Fiancé" couple Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott met on social media.

The reality duo had their struggles earlier on the show when Rebecca revealed that she was still married. This was because her divorce papers were not out. The mother of three has had three failed marriages in the past. The third, to a Moroccan, ended due to his infidelity.

When Rebecca told Zied about it, he was so distraught he left her in a Tunisian desert. After Rebecca found her way back to the tent, she apologized to Zied and they resolved the issue.

Zied Hakimi and his jealousy issues

Zied loves Rebecca so much, and it's clear he doesn't was to risk losing her. However. he admitted, once, that he is a controlling type. He is working hard to win Rebecca's heart and get to America.

On her Instagram, she told her fans that Zied had started going to driving school to get his license. She also said that he was studying so that he will be able to get a job when he gets his K-1 visa.

Zied Hakimi gets his HVAC certificate

There was a time when Rebecca asked her lover how he was doing with work, and he replied, "Work baby, so maaach work." Fans found that scene, from the "90 Day Fiancé" show, hilarious.

People sold calendars, mugs, and other merchandise.

Also, there were bags that said, "I can tote my eggs." This was something that cast member Angela Deem had said on the show.

Rebecca Parrott congratulates her man

Rebecca was quick to post, to Instagram, an image of her lover holding a certificate. In the caption, she explained how proud she was of him for working so hard to make a family with her.

Unfortunately according to Rebecca, there is still for the visa.

Zied sings a song for Rebecca

Since Rebecca and Zied are not living in America together now, they are trying to maintain their bond and let fans know that they still have the same love they had on the " 90 Day Fiancé" show.

Their bond on social media seems to be going well, and they always post to each other.

Zied even sang a song and, in the caption, he noted that it was for his lover, Rebecca.

Zied loves to sing in his car and film himself so, seeing him do it and tag it for Rebecca, really made her happy. She thanked him for being there for her saying it was romantic and made her cry happy tears.

Zied always posts old pictures of Rebecca and himself. He still expresses how much he misses his lover. They both can't wait to be able to be together again. Zied does not know when he will be going to America to live with his lover, but that does not stop them from continuing to genuinely love one another.

Rebecca thanked her fans for being there for her and supporting her relationship with Zied.